Orphan Black: 10 Reasons Why “The Mitigation of Competition” is the Best Episode to Date (Season 4 Episode 9)

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It’s official, Orphan Black is the only show that can consistently raise our blood pressure week after week!

Just like its predecessors, “The Antisocialism of Sex” and “The Redesign of Natural Objects,” Season 4’s penultimate episode, “The Mitigation of Competition,” grabs us and doesn’t let us go for the entire hour.

In fact, it may be one of the best episodes of the series to date. Here’s why.

1.Rachel’s “Glitching” Eye

On a creepy scale with one being fluffy bunnies and ten being the Clown from The Shining, I give Rachel’s glitching eye flashes an eight.

The macabre scenes from a horror movie towards the end are really unsettling.

There was once a movie where a blind woman got new corneas and could see a murder’s movements. That’s what it feels like to watch the glitches in Rachel’s eye.

But, when she reveals that it’s The Island of Camp Neolution she’s seeing and someone is trying to tell her something, the plot is stirred even more.

2. Lots of Felix Snark

When things get a little bit crazy and out of whack, you can always count on Felix to chime with a sarcastic comment.

This episode is full of Felix’s staccato lines that clearly say what the audience is thinking.

And the best part is the talent for artfully delivered irony seems to run in the family with Adele joining in on the fun.

3. The Return of Helena

Season 4 is good, but it is suffering from a lack of Helena!

We can’t be the only ones who were happy to see that she is back, okay, and cares about her sisters enough to come back and help. Even when she doesn’t know what kind of trouble they’re in.

We never got the second rule of Clone Club did we? We’re starting to get the feeling that it would be: all siblings lie when they say it’s fine, do the opposite.

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4. Art is Officially the Only Cop in the Universe We Can Trust

If we made a list of Orphan Black themes “police corruption” would be somewhere on it.

After being confronted with one dirty cop, we suddenly find that Evie has another inside source.

Art is the only cop on the force that anybody can trust!

4. Adele Putting Together the Clone Club Puzzle

The thin, translucent shield that Felix, Alison, and Sarah are trying to hold between the Clone Club and Adele is tearing.

Between hints about Mrs. S’s revenge killing last week and Helena’s arrival (not to mention Helena’s horrific improve skills), Adele is unwinding her brother’s secrets.

We would love for Adele to join Clone Club, but Felix won’t let her in.

Does anyone else think that having a lawyer on their side may help Project Leda? Even if she is a suspended lawyer?

5. Cosima and Charlotte Bond…and It’s Adorable

The little bits where Cosima and Charlotte bond are adorable and really endearing. They’re both sick. Charlotte is one of the Sestras despite their age difference.

Yet, something feels weird. In the background, it feels like Charlotte and Cosima are bonding to set up for a tough, and almost cliché choice.

What if both Charlotte and Cosima can’t both be saved?

6. The Hendricks’ are in Danger, Again

Yes, we had this happen last week when Donnie was in jail and Alison was being blackmailed, but this time Alison is the target.

Alison’s loss of faith has been a central part of her character in the last few episodes, so when she think she’s about to be implanted by a glitchy bot, she starts praying.

Too bad this Neolutionist isn’t a vampire. The cross Alison put on may have come in handy.

7. Don’t Worry Helena to the Rescue

 All joking aside, Alison’s prayer works when—in comes Helena with her bow and arrow! Drawn and at the ready.

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The best part of this scene is the pause. There is one second where everyone looks stunned and unsure of what’s going on.

Next, Neolutionist has an arrow in his neck!

Alison didn’t expect this when she started praying.

No, no, no, no. But, let’s just be honest, Helena has saved the Sestras bacon so many times that they should just give her the title of God.

Or at least call her Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Can we say that?

8. The Revelation About Brightborn

Evie Cho is positioning herself to be a hometown hero by opening up a research facility in Tisdale.

The pillar of the community status doesn’t sit well with the Clones, though, particularly when they find out that they’re euthanizing infants with birth defects.

The revelation is sickening and you can see why Kendra and Tabitha fled the birthing facility.

In fact, what Brightborn is doing completely disobeys the Hippocratic Oath! You can see how Evie and her cohorts would justify this, saying that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Of course, human life is still sacred so we can’t imagine that argument is going to get her very far.

9. Rachel Takes Down Evil Evie Cho

Rachel is the most power-hungry of the clones! For this reason alone, we can’t trust her—ever. This episode is no different.

She uses the missing mother and the newborn to her advantage.

Although she seems to make a deal with Evie she’s actually recording the exchange so that Ira can broadcast it to every news outlet.

The result of her double cross is a burned Evie Cho about to face a firing squad of public inquisition.

Okay, Rachel, you’ve got us back on your side. Maybe you have a plan that will actually work.

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However, we are still keeping an eye on you! We have no doubt that you have a long game. The only question is whether it also saves your sisters.

10. Delphine is Alive

The last scene: a blond woman sits at a desk with French music is playing. Someone taps her on the shoulder.

She slowly turns we see.—it’s Delphine!

Now do we act relieved that she is alive first? Or immediately jump to the fact that she looks okay.

Since this comes immediately after Rachel’s message about the island and someone trying to show her something: do you think Delphine happens to be there?

Fingers crossed for a Clophine reunion.

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