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Orphan Black: Top 11 Moments from ‘The Antisocialism of Sex’ (Season 4 Episode 7)

Orphan Black

What the fudge! Everything comes in a jumble after this episode of Orphan Black.

This is a show that delivers consistently with tight storytelling, and after the events of “The Scandal of Altruism,” the audience is definitely in for a ride.

Rightfully so; the show is taking some time to process the trauma and aftermath of the loss of The Original.

The death of the Kendall Malone is a big hit to Project Leda, especially Cosima, and it will have big ripples! “The Antisocialism of Sex” examines a defeated Clone Club as they try to pull hope out of thin air.

And still, so much happened! So here are the Top 11 moments from “The Antisocialism of Sex.”

1. Grieving Mrs. S.

Orphan Black

Mrs. S has been a very serious character. She’s opened up a little in the recent weeks but overall she’s still someone who likes to get things done. After Kendall’s death in “The Scandal of Altruism” she’s justifiably grief-stricken.

Still, the things she says to Sarah are hard to hear and ignore what we know Sarah is, a part of Kendall. Mrs. S has every right to be angry, but calling Sarah an orphan after the family they’ve cultivated cuts like a knife.

2. Alison Fake Swearing, then Actually Swearing

It’s such a small moment in the grand scheme of things but seeing Alison drop to her knees and ask god for hope was both heartbreaking and hysterical.

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Especially when she starts substituting “fudge” for another well-liked swear word while crying.

It’s moments like these where we realize, we haven’t seen enough of Alison this season. She has a seat on the School Board but really, why isn’t she interacting with her sisters more?

3. Evil Evie

Evil Evie, Orphan Black

There are not enough words to describe how vile Evie is in this episode. We already knew that her health wasn’t great as a child, but now she has shingles as a side effect of her treatments.

If this was any other character, we may actually be sympathetic, but she had Kendall killed. Then insulted Rachel!

This would be a great time for Helena to show up!

4. Art Gets Angry

 Again, another small scene, but a much-needed one. When Art finds out that Duko is involved with Neolution, he gets mad and attacks him.

Can we all just raise our fist in the air to Art for doing what we cannot? Come on. You wanted to see Duko get his.

 5. Rachel Tells Charlotte There is No Santa Claus

 Okay, not is so many words, but still.

Rachel and Charlotte are two characters that we need more of. Charlotte presents such an interesting concept since she was cloned from Rachel.

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That’s what makes Charlotte’s illness heartbreaking and why watching Rachel tell Charlotte that she was going to die was so sad.

It’s essentially a parent telling a child that there’s no way the parent can save them!

We can’t be sure how Charlotte will process this, but we commend Rachel for not taking the route of The Island. Since Charlotte is so smart I half expected her to lead straight to: “Hey you’re a clone!”

Rachel’s delivery was much more maternal and heartfelt. Maybe she’s not the Ice Queen we thought she was.

 6. Beth Haunts Sarah

Beth haunts Sarah, Orphan Black

This is not the first time the dead clone has made an appearance in Sarah’s life. After an evening of drugs and alcohol, Sarah follows Beth to a bridge over a railway station.

The tension in this scene was so palpable. More than once, we had to remind ourselves to breathe. When Beth leaves with a message for Sarah to unite the clones.

Who else sighed with relief?

7. Donnie Gets Arrested

Donnie, Orphan Black

Who saw that coming? I guess selling drugs out of Bubbles may not have been the best plan after all.

It’s also ironic that he was the one worried about ruining Gemma’s party and now what she’ll remember is her dad getting carted off the jail in front of all her friends.

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