Orphan Black: Top 7 Moments from ‘The Redesign of Natural Objects’ (Season 4 Episode 8)

Orphan Black

The Leda Clones are looking toward a new day.

“The Redesign of Natural Objects” still feels the ripples of Kendall Malone’s death in “The Scandal of Altruism,” but the clones are starting to marshal their forces.

In an episode that involves some blackmail, revenge, cooperation, and a healthy dose of Orphan Black science talk, things are starting to look up — all leading to one big Eureka moment!

Here are seven top moments from “The Redesign of Natural Objects.”

1.Rachel Gets Her Groove Back

Rachel has been making slow and steady progress on her recovery since getting stabbed in the eye with a pencil at the end of Season 2, and she wants to fight for Leda, but are her intentions as altruistic as they seem?

Camp Neolution doesn’t back Rachel’s opinion that Evie Cho must be removed from power. Rachel starts to get a bit of her ambition back asking to go back, work with Sarah, and work to restore Susan Duncan’s place as head of Neolution.

In “The Antisocialism of Sex” Rachel tried to angle herself as being Neolution-bred and therefore should be exempt for the inhumane end that Sarah Manning and the other self-aware clones will meet.

Rachel is a character that is all about self-preservation and survival within the corporate world. Finding a cure doesn’t just benefit Cosima, it also benefits Charlotte and herself when she ultimately becomes ill.

We still don’t know what’s up with the swan “in her eye,” but that’s a question for another day.

2. Meeka Returns 

“The Antisocialism of Sex” also re-introduced Meeka. After making contact with Meeka through Minecraft, Sarah is understandably upset, but Meeka warns them about Evie Cho and the unsavory end that the twins stand to meet.

Meeka also helps them build a case regarding Duko. She finds payments made to him and some damning information that’s been buried.

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How the clones have gotten this far without the help of a hacker is a mystery. Meeka’s skills would have been valuable seasons ago but they are even more valuable now.

Now that the clones are going up against a big corporation they need to band together. The damning evidence she could potentially find could tip the scales in their favor.

What’s really gut-wrenching is that as we come to like Meeka, we find out that she’s returning to the fold because she is sick, like Cosima.

That’s why where this episode ends is so crucial. Not just for Cosima’s survival, but for Meeka’s as well. After spending her life in the shadows she deserves to have sisters.

3. Alison Hires Adele to Represent Donnie

Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8

 Watching Adele walk into the police station was a little like watching an updated feminist version of My Cousin Vinnie.

Adele was one of those characters I wasn’t quite sure about. When everyone was so paranoid about Neolution, her appearance seemed too convenient and the prospect of her being a Neolution plant was front and center in our minds.

Somehow, that all goes away with a few quick jabs about how much Alison looks like Sarah, how she thought she was losing her mind, and making sure Alison doesn’t get frisked.

Plus, when they introduce her to Donnie, the look on his face is priceless. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that Felix had a sister.

The one time Adele’s actions feel facepalm-worthy is when she tries to give him some jailhouse advice. Most of which includes not talking to anyone, which he had already done.

Adele, stop drinking alcohol, because you are a little too late for that advice to be useful.

4. Cosima Works with Susan Duncan 

Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8

The communication that M.K. is able to engineer between Susan, Sarah, and Cosima is so crucial. It gets the dialogue going. It keeps hope alive for the Leda Clones.

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The meeting of two brilliant minds that follows is important and feels like a step in the right direction.

It’s the breakthrough that they need.

Now, given that this is Susan Duncan, who faked her death for many years, let’s just hope there isn’t another shoe to drop.

5. Alison is Being Squeezed

The tensest moments of this episode are between Alison and Duko.

Duko is desperate for Sarah’s location, and with Donnie in jail and a Neolutionist ready to carry out his orders, Alison is in a difficult position and she ultimately seems to betray Sarah.

It’s easy to hate Alison for her decision, but she has always put her family first.

When she first found out that she was a clone, she had Beth teach her how to shoot a gun so she could protect her family. She didn’t want her kids knowing that their mother “is a freak.”

She is also the only clone with any sort of traditional family unit, she should protect that.

When Duko calls off the hit, Alison, and the audience breathe a sigh of relief. For two weeks in a row, we’ve avoided a character death.

Let’s keep this streak up, Orphan Black.

6. Mrs. S Gets Her Revenge

Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8

After blaming Sarah for her mother’s death in“The Antisocialism of Sex,” Mrs. S shifts her anger towards the person that fired the gun, Duko.

Mrs. S busts out her rifle ready to give him exactly what he deserves.

These scenes are so raw and emotional that when Mrs. S pulls the trigger in the end a weight lifts.

While Duko was a worthy adversary, it would have been out of character for Mrs. S to just let Duko get away with murder.

Still, her face after she pulled the trigger was tinted with sadness and we hope that there isn’t another shoe to drop.

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7. Cosima and Scott Have a Breakthrough

Orphan Black

Three words: embryonic stem cells.

While talking with Susan Duncan, Cosima and Scott have a breakthrough to recombine the two halves of Kendall’s genome.

Kendall’s biology was unique due to a male twin she absorbed in the womb; making her a chimera. That allowed her to be the source for both the Castor and Leda clones..

If they take semen from Ira and a fertile egg from Sarah, they can recombine the genome and push the cells one way or another.

Now, here’s the question, if embryonic stem cells are the answer then who is going to carry the child to term?


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