Meet Our Writers

Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Founder and Editor-in-Chief — In addition to running Tell-Tale TV, Ashley is an English Instructor with degrees in Literature, Creative Writing, and Cultural Studies. She’ll never grow tired of watching Gilmore Girls and is happy to talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer for as long as anyone is willing to listen. Ashley is also a member of the BTJA (Critics Choice).

Allison Nichols, Managing Editor  — Allison is in a love affair with television that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Slightly damaged fictional characters are her weakness. She loves to spend her free time curled up with a cat and a show to binge-watch on Netflix. Currently, she’s obsessed with From Dusk Till Dawn, The 100, and she’ll never be over her Gilmore Girls obsession. In addition to Tell-Tale TV, Allison also writes for Examiner and TV Fanatic.

Caralynn Lippo, Associate Editor — Caralynn is a freelance writer and editor, but most importantly, she is a diehard TV addict. Her obsession began with late 90’s classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, which she still tends to binge re-watch regularly at home in Brooklyn with her fiancé. Current favorites are Mr. Robot, You’re the Worst, iZombie and The Vampire Diaries. She also writes about TV for The TV Junkies and TV Fanatic.

Lauren Busser, Associate Editor — Lauren is a tomboy, vixen, maverick genius who spends her days as an Editorial Director and her nights as a crafter, blogger, and epicurian who can beat you in a game of Trivial Pursuit. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence and takes every project just a little bit too far. Her greatest wish is to figure out how to manufacture units of time.

Alicia Gilstorf, Editorial Assistant — Alicia is a freelance writer and over-apologetic Slytherin from Canada, who is currently going to college for library sciences and creative writing. Her greatest hobbies include watching TV, obsessing over TV, and writing about TV. She loves to take long drives in her 14-year-old Jeep named Captain, livetweet what she’s watching, and rant about how incredible Teen Wolf was to whoever will listen.

Samantha Coley, Senior Writer and Social Media Specialist — Samantha is a long time internet, TV, and movie junkie. A freelance writer and podcaster for @thegiantist, she enjoys live-tweeting, blogging, good music, better television, roller coasters, dinosaurs, and space. Her current favorite television shows include The 100, Scandal, Person of Interest, Supergirl, and The Goldbergs and there will always be a place in her heart for Battlestar Galactica, Leverage, and The West Wing.

Cade Taylor, Senior Writer — Cade is a freelance writer who is currently going to college for a degree in journalism. When he isn’t busy with college, working, or writing, he enjoys staying home with his dogs and binge-watching Friends or listening to his favorite artist, Halsey. His current TV obsessions are Stranger Things, How To Get Away With Murder, AHS, and Teen Wolf.

Staff Writers:

Shabnaj Chowdhury — Shabnaj is a literature nerd and a TV obsessive. She loves all things pop-culture and spends much of her time enabling her coffee addiction and thinking about Jon Snow’s hair. Believing variety is key, some of her favorite shows include Friday Night Lights, The Leftovers, and Game of Thrones. Shabnaj also loves to write creative non-fiction and discuss the importance of diversity in the television landscape.

Erin Allen — Erin is a former script supervisor for film and television. When she’s not watching TV or movies, she is reading, writing, thinking, or tweeting about TV or movies. She loves to read actual books and X-Files fan fiction. Her other passions include pointing out feminist issues, shipping Mulder and Scully, and collecting pop culture mugs. She is currently reviewing all of The X-Files at her blog, Buck Up Little Camper.

Drew Koenig — Drew has ongoing, borderline unhealthy obsession with pop culture, but with television in particular. When he’s not aggressively trying to get out of a perpetual state of catching up, he can be found passionately defending the ending of Lost. More of his online work can be found at The Lost Cause and he also co-hosts The Lost Cause Pod.

Lacy Baugher — Lacy Baugher is a digital strategist and freelance writer living in Washington, D.C., who’s still hoping that the TARDIS will show up at her door eventually. Favorite things include: Sansa Stark, British period dramas, the Ninth Doctor and whatever Jessica Lange happens to be doing today. Loves to livetweet pretty much anything, and is always looking for new friends to yell about Game of Thrones with on Twitter. Ravenclaw for life.

Janelle McCammack — Janelle Ureta McCammack is equal parts Veronica Mars, Raven Reyes, and Rebecca Bunch, but she aspires to add some Tammy Taylor to the mix. An attorney turned teacher, Janelle believes in the power of a well-told story. She is currently exploring how to tell short stories, 140 characters or less, on Twitter. She loves to talk about TV, and right now she can’t shut up about Timeless, Dear White People, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The 100, or Younger.

Mary Misasi — Mary is a passionate TV watcher and avid theatre goer. She loves to write about all that she experiences in life. Her family of three sisters and a mom mean the world to her and drive her passions every day!

Charles E. Henning — Charles E. Henning lives in a quaint town of Illinois with his ever-loving wife since 1998. He is new to writing reviews but has over thirty years of fictitious writing for his own personal fulfillment. His interests range from science fiction to character-based dramas, but he is a sucker for anyone in a cape.

Brianna Martinez — Lawyer-in-training, Brianna spends her time away from briefs, lectures, and outlines watching TV and writing about it. Avid Live-Tweeter. Doctors, superheroes, and a crime-fighting zombie currently rule her DVR.

Caitlin Wyneken — Caitlin is a masters student and lover of random and ever-changing shows: from Supergirl to How to Get Away with Murder, and from Criminal Minds to Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. She’s looking forward to a career in the nonprofit field, spends the vast majority of her time online, aggressively stressed about the state of the world, and will be a Harry Potter fangirl to her dying day.

Meagan McNicholas — Meagan is a medical student by day and TV obsessive by night. While Lorelai Gilmore and Kate Beckett stole her heart, she has Jake Peralta and Leslie Knope to thank for keeping her laughing through the stressful times. Her knowledge of TV is unmatched, and she takes great pride in knowing her shows better than anyone else. Meagan has one year of school left before she attempts to be a better intern than Meredith Grey.

Jennifer Lind-Westbrook — Jennifer has been working as a freelance writer for six years, contributing to BuddyTV, Screen Rant, TVRage, Hidden Remote, Gossip On This, and PopMatters. She prefers binge-watching old episodes of The Office (British and American versions) to long walks on the beach. She’s still holding out hope that Happy Endings will get a revival.

Esme Mazzeo — Esme Mazzeo is a lifestyle and entertainment journalist from Long Island. She broke up with Grey’s Anatomy when Arizona and April left, but looks forward to rebounding with Younger, The Bold Type, and The Affair this summer.

Sarah Fields — Sarah is an obsessive geek who likes to get into the weeds and over think things. She is passionate about Sci-Fi and comics and is a giant classic film nerd. Sarah cares deeply about media representation and the power of telling diverse stories. When she’s not writing or watching her favorite shows she spends her days working in the non-profit world trying to make life a little better for those that need some extra help.

Nick Hogan — Nick Hogan is an experienced podcaster and writer (particularly on media topics), who loves discussion and analysis of TV and is always looking for new shows to watch. He is also a parent who loves buffalo wings, blowing raspberries, and his beloved Cincinnati Reds.

Olivia Popp — Olivia Popp is a freelance writer, artist, and entertainment fanatic who started living and breathing television ever since her parents told her in elementary school that it would rot her brain. Now, she’s a film student and TV apologist with a penchant for providing forceful and unsolicited series recommendations to anyone within earshot. Ask her about science fiction, comedy, nature photography, filmmaking, tasty cheese, or even more television.

Tamar Barbash — Tamar Barbash is a TV-loving mother of three. She hosts the Shipping Room podcast where she has the opportunity to dive deep into the world of television romance. Tamar loves nothing more than to overanalyze the lives and experiences of fictional characters and she’s so excited to be able to do that as part of the Tell-Tale TV community.

Contributing Writers:

Hillary Esquina — Hillary is television fanatic and spends most of her free time talking about all things television and pop culture, even if it’s just with baby padawan (her son) and her wife. Her current day job is working within the nonprofit sector, and she is pretty much in love with any show that has strong female characters. Never one to be boxed into any sort of genre, her show preferences range from Wynonna Earp and Dark Matter to One Day At a Time and Modern Family.

Cynthia Jones — Cynthia is a Sociologist but most especially, a TV enthusiast, with an undeniable attraction to authentic storytelling and powerful portrayals. Her interests also revolve around discovering ways of achieving social change through strategic strides in movies and television. Though she can barely strike a vocal note, she has an endless love for music and her piano is her BFF.

Jennifer Knutson — Wife, mother and TV enthusiast. She has a degree in Communications, a minor in English, a background in marketing, and a deep love for all storytelling mediums. The TV obsession probably started from birth, but hit saturation level with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and hasn’t dissipated since. She has a weakness for dark & twisty heroes and selfless love stories. When she’s not working, raising her little human, or spending time with her spouse, she’s writing, analyzing, tweeting, and obsessing about all things Arrow. You can check out her blog here.

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