“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)

Younger Review: Big Day (Season 6 Episode 1)

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Younger has returned and the phenomenal dramedy is as good as ever! With musical numbers, I love you’s, and new workplace drama Younger Season 6 Episode 1, “Big Day,” kicks off the new season in a delightful way that has us excited for what’s to come. 

First of all, let’s talk about that musical number. I have been waiting for Younger to take advantage of their incredibly vocally talented cast like this for what feels like ages. We got a taste of it last time Kelsey and Diana took a trip to Marie’s Crisis, and when Diana performed a number from Cabaret last season. 

“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)
“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)

However, this is the first time that the show has used Diana, Kelsey, and Liza all together for a performance like this and it does not disappoint in the slightest. Everything from the positive energy in the gay bar to the drag queen Dolly Parton inspiration, from the song choice to the triumphant way it brings all three women together is perfection.  

One cannot watch this scene without fully grinning at the delightful insanity of this friendship and these women singing this iconic song. 

Kelsey: Oh my God! People in the 80s only worked from 9 to 5! 

The power of this moment followed by Kelsey’s hilarious yet incredibly on point realization about how much work culture and the hours we keep having changed pretty much guarantees this is a Younger moment we will watch over and over. 

Part of the truth comes out about the reasons behind the latest shake-up at Empirical/Millenial and Diana goes right into fight-or-flight response at being left in the dark about it all.

Diana’s reaction is very understandable; she may have been an outsider when the series started but over the course of the past six seasons she’s become an integral part of this little group. Being the only one not knowing the truth has to hurt. 

The fact that Diana is one of the few people left that still don’t know Liza’s real age leaves a pretty big Chekhov’s gun hanging in the air. If Diana was this hurt by not knowing about the relationship between Charles and Liza, how is she going to react to the truth that Liza is much closer to her age than Kelsey’s? 

There’s also the ever-present fear that Diana will get pushed out, much like Charles was, because of her age. Granted Charles chose to exit for the sake of his relationship, but the more the “young” people take control the more Diana fears becoming a relic of the old days.

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I appreciate that Younger does not downplay Diana’s power and very much affirms how important she is to have on the team. If her fear of getting replaced converges with her being the last to know about Liza we are in for an emotional rollercoaster this year. 

“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)
“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)

Another new part of the fresh power structure at Empirical/Millenial is Lauren joining the team as the Social Media Strategist. This is such a great addition for everyone. It loops Lauren into the workplace drama and adds another dynamic to the great friendship between her, Kelsey, and Liza. 

Having Lauren at the office also gives Younger more opportunities to capitalize on the great connection between her and Diana. Lauren’s pure adoration for Diana is a delight and Diana could certainly use Lauren’s positive, hype-woman energy. 

Meanwhile, Kelsey is facing the realities of what it means to be the boss. Empirical has been struggling for a while, so it’s no surprise that Kelsey is overwhelmed by the company problems she inherited from Charles. The fear of failure is something that has always plagued Kelsey as she makes a new career transition, but she’s never let that hold her back.

Kelsey is so capable and powerful and her career arc is one of the most impressive stories Younger has been telling.  No matter what obstacles this new role presents for her, I have complete faith that Kelsey will power through and bring the publishing house to new heights. 

On the personal front, Charles and Liza are still in their honeymoon phase emotionally while also facing the reality of their new normal. 

Both Charles and Liza tell each other “I love you” on this episode in completely casual and domestic ways. It’s lovely to see the two of them reveling in the good parts of their relationship without the fear of being discovered. However, I still can’t shake the fear that it will all eventually come crumbling down. 

Charles: I think I’ve pretty much had feelings for you for about sixteen years. Since you were twenty-six and now you’re forty-two.

Maggie warns Charles about weighing Liza down with his own baggage and issues, and it looks like he takes note. While he certainly would never intentionally do that to Liza, the realities of being in this relationship full time are just barely beginning to sink in for each of them. 

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“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)
“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)

I do believe Charles really loves Liza and that all of the good things he says about her and the way he feels when he’s with her are true. But it also feels like he is protesting just a little too much in the face of being out of the company that he’s spent his entire life building. 

I fear that because Charles made this move for Liza, and for their relationship, that the more unhappy he becomes outside of his old position, the more likely he is to become resentful of the reasons he made this choice. He’s also planning something with Zane, which I am totally excited about. Except he isn’t telling Liza, or anyone else, what it is. 

While his need to keep going and being fulfilled by his career is understandable and expected, hiding things from Liza cannot be good. Their relationship was almost destroyed by her lie, I don’t want it to actually come crumbling down because he isn’t truthful with her. 

It is exciting to see Charles in the same sort of position we found Liza in at the beginning of the series. He definitely has a more impressive resume and white/male privilege, so it will be interesting to watch what he does now that he’s somewhat in her shoes. 

“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)
“Younger” Ep. 601 (Airs 6/12/19)

We also get immediate answers on the Josh/Clare pregnancy situation, and the baby is indeed Josh’s. While I am definitely still Team Skeptical with Maggie, I’m very excited to watch Josh finally get to have his dream of being a father. 

Younger also continues to perfectly thread the needle of Liza’s connections to both Josh and Charles. Liza and Charles’ relationship appears to be doing better than ever, and her relationship with Josh remains incredibly important at the same time. 

Somehow Younger is able to make me root for both of these relationships even while the success of one inevitably leads to some level of heartbreak in the other no matter what. Josh’s romantic feelings for Liza definitely have not gone away, and there’s a part of Liza that will always love Josh. 

Josh: It’s funny really, you and I broke up because you didn’t want me to give up having a kid. Now I’m having a kid, and you’re with someone else. Timing…

Seeing each of them get the things that they want but not in the ways they expected to is both satisfying and melancholy at the same time. 

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Either way, I am grateful that they have remained close after everything that they’ve been through and I can’t wait to see how they face this new chapter, both together and individually. 

  • Am I the only one that hates how Liza’s new bed clashes with the bookshelf wall?!
  • What do you think Charles and Zane are planning?
  • What song would get you to stop in your tracks in a karaoke bar? Mine is definitely Africa by Toto. 
  • I am perpetually torn between Team Josh and Team Charles! Let me know which relationship you love most in the comments! 
  • Diana’s gold statement necklace is everything! I want everyone’s wardrobe. What was your favorite piece this week?


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