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Tammy Gillis Talks ‘Siren’ Season 2 [Exclusive Interview]

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Freeform’s hit series Siren is packed full with new adventures and drama with Season 2. The new season of the mermaid fantasy drama also includes a few new serious threats.

Tammy Gillis, who you might also recognize from the television show Ghost Wars and A Dog’s Way Home, plays Deputy Marissa Staub on Siren, and with the new faces that have come to town, her character has been working her way toward finding out the truth.

I had a few questions for Gillis about what we can expect to see from Deputy Staub in Siren Season 2, her favorite moments behind the scenes, what it’s been like engaging with fans of the show, and more.

Tammy Gillis
Tammy Gillis (photo credit: Jostin Del Rosario)

Tell-Tale TV: What can fans expect to see from Deputy Staub as this season continues to move forward?

Tammy Gillis: We [will] get to see a bit more of the relationships she has with some of the people in town.  

Tell-Tale TV: With Sheriff Bishop gone, how will the abnormal things happening around town affect Marissa?

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Gillis: Marissa has had to step up and fill a bigger set of shoes. She is definitely getting more and more suspicious about things — with Ryn and the Sheriff. She’s also concerned about Ben; he’s hanging out with a rough crowd and not really acting like himself.

Tell-Tale TV: What was your reaction to reading the scripts for Siren Season 2?

Gillis: I feel like we never know what’s going to happen with each episode. The writers are so good. You really can’t predict anything, which makes it really exciting when that script lands in your inbox!

Tell-Tale TV: How has the fan engagement changed from Siren Season 1 to Season 2, both online as well as out in public?

Gillis: I think that it is definitely growing, which is amazing. We love engaging with the fans and hearing/seeing their reactions to the episodes. It’s so fun!

Tammy Gillis
Tammy Gillis (photo credit: Jostin Del Rosario)

Tell-Tale TV: Is there something you think people might be surprised to learn about the show?

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Gillis: I think they would be amazed to see how they actually shoot the underwater scenes. Siren is showing more of that this year on their social media. It really is incredible what the merfolk and the crew do.

Tell-Tale TV: What’s one thing working on Siren has taught you that you’ll carry on to future roles?

Gillis: To keep clear on what my character knows and doesn’t know [and] to create a detailed backstory for my character that can help color scenes with the other characters.  

Tell-Tale TV: Finally, when you aren’t busy working, how do you like to spend your time?

Gillis: I love to travel, and wish I could do more of it. My dream vacation is to spend some time in Greece.

Be sure to catch Tammy Gillis as Deputy Marissa Staub on Siren, airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform. 

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