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I’m not one to play games, so let me just say it: The most shocking “error” on The Resident Season 2 Episode 7, “Trial & Error,” is Devon and Julian’s kiss.

Okay, okay, the fact that the kiss itself happens is not very shocking at all. But in a way, it actually is… because I was expecting to have to wait at least an episode or two more for it to happen.

The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 - "Trial & Error"
THE RESIDENT: L-R: L-R: Guest star Valerie Sue Love, guest star Ty Trumbo, Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

It’s obvious Devon and Julian are the endgame plan, at least for now. I have said I ship them. But especially after this episode, I’m on the fence. Cheating is morally questionable, for sure — but it can make for an interesting storyline on TV. It’s not a topic that’s often explored in this genre. It’s not a “groundbreaking” plot, but it’ll do.

We see the Bollywood wedding dance at the end of the episode. So, I’m hoping they don’t make it all the way to the altar before Priya smells trouble.

“Weddingus Interruptus” has already been done on another medical show. It works there because that couple has off-the-charts chemistry and are — shall I just say it? — “mint to be.”  But even in that case, I wish the characters never made it to the altar. It’s really cliche, but very “Hollywood” cliche.

I have yet to find a YouTube video of someone interrupting a wedding, period — no matter the outcome. (I’m not saying it’s never happened, but it’s weird to me that I haven’t found even one awkward wedding moment caught on camera by one groomsman with an iPhone.)

All of this is to say, this storyline is going at an acceptable pace, but I don’t think The Resident would be doing itself any favors if Devon makes it to the altar. Plus, Julian has no reason whatsoever to be invited to the wedding. So I hope they get to their point quickly and effectively.

The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 - Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins and Shaunette Renée Wilson as Mina Okafor
THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and Shaunette RenŽe Wilson in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

But they need to do all of this while also building up the chemistry. It’s there, but it’s miles behind Conrad and Nic’s. If this storyline were theirs, I suspect viewers would be elated it was happening.

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As it stands, viewers seem to be really hard on Julian. I do get it. She’s new. As a whole entity, fans of TV are hard on new characters, no matter the show. I love that she is a device rep, but it doesn’t help matters.

Conrad openly distrusts her, the president of Quovadis is shady — it’s a sticky situation.

That’s why I love the scene between Devon and Julian after the kiss. First of all, they address something else that bothers fans: that sometimes, Julian doesn’t have all of the answers about her company’s products. She doesn’t have to “push” them per se, as Quovadis is exclusive at Chastain, but she does stand up for them.

Is it “right?” We’ll find out, and I suspect not. Her boss — I still don’t care to know his name — is a jerk. But Julian trusts him. It’s similar to how Conrad trusted Lane Hunter before finding out she intentionally misdiagnoses patients with cancer. We don’t even know exactly why we mistrust Quovadis yet. So maybe, let’s just give the woman a break.

The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 - Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins and Andy Milder
THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and guest star Andy Milder in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

Same with the kiss, please. As of now, it’s a “mistake” both Devon and Julian are taking responsibility for. We know better. Nothing foreshadows doom for a couple like a second proposal done as a joke. But Devon is the engaged man, here.

It’s such an easy out plot-wise to have Priya get this job offer. I don’t love it. But it is what it is, and it’s all being executed decently so far. I doubt the end of this arc will be shocking or loved by everyone. That isn’t automatically the new female character’s fault.

I’m very intrigued by Julian’s hip replacement and former dancer status. They keep bringing it up without it seeming to have any relationship to the story besides it being the reason she does her job. That means it matters, and they are building up to something. Perhaps her hip is not as safe as she thinks?

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But I do think it’s cool that Devon’s app actually responds when she has tachycardia. Of course it’s an overreaction. But any reaction at all means it’s on the way to being something. I wonder what that means for Devon.

Someone whose storyline is really baffling me is Jessie. Granted, it’s just the second episode she’s back. I love that she’s incorporated into the show both as Nic’s sister and in a layer of Chastain’s story as a whole. (It’s an important detail that Chastain is doing drug trials for money, even though it’s mentioned in passing.)

The drug trial itself and Jessie’s participation in it is very random. I can’t help but cringe every time the show copies even the smallest detail from Grey’s Anatomy, because I think The Resident is better than that and doesn’t need to resort to doing so. As far as drug trials go, this one just kind of… appears.

The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 - "Trial & Error"
THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Tasso Feldman, guest star Ty Trumbo and Matt Czuchry in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

Drug trials make very good long-term stories. They provide characters the audience becomes quickly emotionally invested in, and if the right doctor or even patient has a stake in them, all the better. Unfortunately, the trial provides none of that.

I’m sad that John has a daughter, but I feel nothing about his death, even though Jessie cares about him. This particular trial is not meant to be multi-episode. But if they do another trial, I hope there are some stakes to it for me as a viewer, not just the characters.

Yes, as I’m writing this I realize Jessie could have died. If she had, I would’ve been sad. But while watching, I do not feel like it’s going to happen. When someone important dies, the episode usually feels big. For me, this episode is just another building block.

I like where The Resident is going, but this is the first episode since the premiere that just felt like filler as opposed to being extremely entertaining.

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Doctor’s Notes:

  • Plenty of ships are about to set sail. Mina and Austin is one of them. But first, can Micah come back so we can tie that up?
  • I’m very much here for Belvoss (Randkit doesn’t have the same flow.) Still loving Kit.
  • Mina is a queen. I’m loving how she’s in charge as these attendings fight over her.
  • Irving is adding nothing to the show right now, and in my opinion, he never has. If they want me to care, he needs to be more than the comic relief.

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