The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" Season 6 Episode 7 HAYLEY ORRANTIA, ALISON RICH

The Goldbergs Review: Bohemian Rap City (Season 6 Episode 7)

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On The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 7, “Bohemian Rap City,” Erica has band troubles, and Murray and Adam go head to head in a hobby showdown.

As we saw on The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 6, “Fiddler,” Adam and Murray have been working on their father/son bond. On this episode, they continue that but it’s not without its problems.

The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" S eason 6 Episode 7 HAYLEY ORRANTIA, ALISON RICH

Hobbies are important. It’s probably best to let people enjoy their special interests even if you don’t get it. Better yet, trying to understand it might bring you closer together.

That’s the takeaway with the debacle that ensues over toys and stamps. Murray and Adam are living their lives, enjoying their hobbies, and then Beverly stirs the pot and the whole thing boils over.

After Beverly convinces Murray to get involved, he is left to his own devices…which is not a good thing. Not surprisingly, forcing Adam to take up stamp collecting as a hobby does not go over well.

Murray: Learn about stamps or you’re grounded, moron.
Adam: Fine! I’ll give your tiny lickable history squares a stupid chance.

I am mad at Adam for mailing off Murray’s stamps right when he does it but, later, learning why Murray collected stamps to begin with makes it even more of an egregious blunder. I am surprised Murray isn’t angrier. But this is a lighthearted sitcom, so it makes sense—Murray has the appropriate levels of hurt, anger, and disappointment; and in Jeff Garlin’s hands, comedic timing, too.

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The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" Season 6 Episode 7 TROY GENTILE, HAYLEY ORRANTIA, SAM LERNER

This storyline is so similar to that of The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 6, “Fiddler.” And they are back to back, so it doesn’t feel very fresh. The dialogue and the performances are still funny and entertaining, though. Jeff Garlin, especially, balances the comedic and the heart of Murray in these instances.

Murray: My first job was sorting mail at the town post office.
Adam: Oh balls! He’s introducing new personal history.
Murray: Even though that job was long and mind-numbing I was happy to do it because I just lost my mom.
Adam: Ohhh, no! I’ve reopened a terrible childhood wound.
Murray: The only thing that brought me joy that year was learning about the colorful postage from around the world.
Adam: Oh no, those stamps hold a deep emotional value!

This exchange, with great delivery by both Garlin and Sean Giambrone, is the highlight. (Although, their eye-line is so horribly off. It makes this former script supervisor cringe.) It narrates what is happening in a clever way. Adam, being a storyteller himself, would see the meaning behind Murray’s statements in cinematic terms.

The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" Season 6 Episode 7 ALISON RICH, TROY GENTILE, AJ MICHALKA

The previous two episodes had a severe lack of Barry Goldberg. He was completely absent on The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 5, “Mister Knifey-Hands,” and only had minimal screen time on The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 6, “Fiddler.” Thankfully, he is back. He is not the focus of the plot but makes it better the only way Barry can.

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His dense misunderstanding of things, basic things, never fails to amuse me. He thinks the Queen song is called “Bohemian Rap City,” which leads us to a scene where Barry raps; it is always a welcome addition. His rapping response to the lyric “Didn’t mean to make you cry” is “Oops.”

The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" Season 6 Episode 7

The core of this storyline is about Erica and her band, The Dropouts. They break up and make up as we expect them to within the half hour, but it’s things like the Barry moments that make it engaging. Rob Huebel making his fifth appearance as scam artist John Calabasas is another bright spot.

It makes Erica look pretty gullible to fall for this guy’s swindle time and time again, but I would watch him put the hustle on her a thousand more times. Their scenes together are always hilarious with quick-witted dialogue.

The repetitiveness of the cut-and-paste father/son plot and the bland basis of the band storyline are a tad tiresome, but the snappy writing and compelling performances make up for it and then some.

The Goldbergs "Bohemian Rap City" Season 6 Episode 7 ALISON RICH, AJ MICHALKA

What did you think of this episode of The Goldbergs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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