Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)

Miranda Edwards on the New ‘Arrow’ Villain and Upcoming Series ‘Snowpiercer’ [Exclusive Interview]

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While Oliver’s away at Slabside, the citizens of Star City have a new trio of villains to contend with in Arrow Season 7. Among the trio, known as the Longbow Hunters, is The Silencer.

The Silencer, also known as, Honor, is a meta who we find out on Arrow Season 7 Episode 2, “The Longbow Hunters,” can manipulate sound waves in a different way than Dinah Drake, aka The Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy), can.

Miranda Edwards plays this mysterious new villain, and I recently got the chance to speak with her about her new role in the Arrowverse, spending time behind the camera, and her upcoming series, Snowpiercer.

Arrow — “Level Two” — Image Number: AR704B_0075b — Pictured: Miranda Edwards as Silencer — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Edwards hinted that there may be more to these characters than we’ve seen so far.

“I can say that they have their individual talents and skills that you will see more, and so they work really well individually and together as a team. We saw a little bit of that in [“The Longbow Hunters”], but you’re going to see a whole lot more of that, each of us showcasing what we can do and how we work in a really bad way,” Edwards laughed.

But, as is the fashion in most of the Arrowverse, don’t expect a carbon copy of the Honor “The Silencer” Guest that appears in the comics.

“I find what I’ve done so far is a different introduction to the character through the Arrowverse, which is something you’re not seeing in the comics,” said Edwards. “I know as much as I know at the time I’m doing it, but yes, we’re seeing a new [part] of her that we don’t see in the comics.”

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Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)
Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)

Among the new part of The Silencer and the trio is a technological aspect that the actress is having fun with.

“You’ve already seen the way that her power and the silence that she creates is different from how it appears in the comics, too. They do some gadgetry on the show, and that’s a really fun thing to play with that I’m enjoying a lot.”

The Silencer also faces her fair share of action. According to Edwards, it involves embracing the hype and a playful nature.

“I find that just generally approaching this character in this world that I am already in that playful state of mind. It really lends itself to easily get there,” Edwards explained.

She elaborated and said that it also involves a fantastic stunt crew.

“As far as the physical skills, I’m athletic-ish,” she laughed. “But there’s also a great stunt team, so wherever my capabilities are more limited, they definitely are coupled with the stunt team, and the [stunt] doubles are phenomenal.”

Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)
Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)

Beyond her role on Arrow this season, Edwards is also setting up her next series with the television adaptation of the graphic novel and film, Snowpiercer. She will be playing the character, Lights.

“I was already a fan. I watched the film and I really, really liked it,” Edwards noted about the source material she had coming into the role.

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“The cast I’ve been working with have been an instant family. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”

Though she couldn’t say much, she teased a bit about the vibe we can expect from the series and her character.

“It’s more closely related to the comics than it is to the film,” Edwards explained.

“I’ve done sci-fi, some fantasy kind of stuff. It’s different because it lives in that world, but it’s something that reflects the society that we are living in such a way that it feels real in terms of division based on class, discrimination, and what happens when you have a certain kind of privilege and how you can move through society. People that have the freedom to move within the train — it’s a really fascinating world.”

Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)
Miranda Edwards (photo credit: Ellyse Anderson)

Along with her work in front of the camera, the actress also has recently done some work behind the scenes, as co-director and producer of a short film, The Spot.

But while she enjoyed her time behind the scenes, Edwards said it’s the performing part that she continues to be drawn to.

“That [directing and producing] was actually eye opening. The Spot was written by my producing partner, Shelly Findlay, and starred her. We kind of co-directed it. It was her vision,” she explained. “I found the producing to be quite all-encompassing, stressful, but really really exciting to have all of those pieces come together and be in charge of all of that.

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“I have since written a short film and starred in it, and it’s definitely something I love to do, and I continue doing, given I have the time (laughs). My first job is absolutely in performing.”

You can catch Miranda Edwards on Arrow Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Snowpiercer is set to air sometime in 2019 on TNT.

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