6 Things We Learned about ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ and ‘Big City Greens’ at San Diego Comic Con

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 we got the chance to check out Disney’s Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Big City Greens at their shared panel, “We’re Not from Around Here.”

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

We saw a sneak peek of Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4, a glimpse of what’s to come for the all-new series Big City Greens, and heard from the cast and creators of both as they shared what they’re most excited about on their new seasons.

Here are 6 things we learned from the “We’re Not from Around Here” panel.

1. Adam McArthur can break bricks with his bare hands

We all know that Marco Diaz is a karate expert, but little did we know, so is Adam McArthur. McArthur has been practicing martial arts since childhood and at San Diego Comic-Con we got to see him put his skills to the test.

“Adam McArthur is a black belt in many things. Do you want to tell them?” asked Star vs. The Forces of Evil creator Daron Nefcy.

“Art, drama! I have a black belt in judo, I have a black belt in kung-fu, and I also have a black belt in a thing called wu-shu. It’s like a fancy dancy kind of kung-fu,” McArthur joked.

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

McArthur took not one, but two bricks (verified by an audience member) and snapped them in half with just his fist. When McArthur isn’t acting he’s honing his martial arts skills and it sure has paid off.

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Photo credit: Matt Kamimura
2. Star vs. The Forces of Evil has a book coming out

In September, Star vs. The Forces of Evil is releasing a brand new book called The Magic Book of Spells with sections written by all of your favorite characters.

The book contains every spell you’ve ever seen on the show, the history of Mewni, and tons of secrets, magic, and insight from Star herself!

The cast of Star vs. The Forces of Evil gave fans a taste of what they have to look forward to in “The Magic Book of Spells.” Esmé Bianco, who plays Eclipsa, the Queen of Darkness read a portion of her chapter which includes her spells as well as a monster dating guide. 

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

You can pre-order “The Magic Book of Spells” now or pick up your copy in stores on September 11, 2018.

3. Tilly didn’t always look like that

Most animated series go through many evolutions, the same is true for Big City Greens, which just premiered this summer. Lead character Tilly had the most significant makeover, making her small screen debut a lot cuter than she was originally drawn.

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

In fact, each of the characters went through a few different sketches before becoming the family that we see on the show!

4. Big City Greens is based on the childhoods of Chris and Shane Houghton

“We grew up in the countryside there were dirt roads everywhere and corn fields. We did 4H. Do you guys know 4H?” Shane Houghton asked. “You race pigs and make quilts and stuff.”

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Tilly was modeled after the girls that they grew up with doing 4H.

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

You can catch Tilly and Cricket and their whole family on Disney Channel this summer. Check out what’s to come for these country kids in the big city:

5. Star can use her powers without the wand

At the panel, fans got to see the first look at Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4. Star Butterfly is on a mission to find her mom and save Mewni.

Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

Star is coming into her own and she’s more powerful than ever before. Now she can use her powers without her wand! Tune in to find out what wild adventures Star and Marco will go on this year.

You can watch the clip here:

6. Amphibia is coming to Disney Channel in 2019

A new show from the creators of Big City Greens will premiere on Disney Channel next year! Amphibia is an animated series that follows the life of a girl living in the world of frogs. She’ll make new friends and have all sorts of hoppin’ adventures. Check out the sneak peek here:

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Star vs. The Forces of Evil will return later this year on Disney Channel. Big City Greens airs throughout the week on Disney Channel.

Check out all of our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con here. There is a lot more to come!

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