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Sergio Osuna Talks ‘Colony’ and ‘The Magicians’ [Exclusive Interview]

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Sergio Osuna travels the world, both personally and professionally. He grew up in Hermosillo, Mexico before moving to Vancouver at the age of eighteen to study acting.

Osuna also inhabits alien and alternate worlds, with a recurring role on The Magicians as Rafe on Colony as Glen.

I had the chance to talk with Osuna about his roles in both shows, as well as how he got his start in acting and what’s next for him.

Colony is a USA Network show that’s currently in its third season. The series took a bold turn in their new season as the main characters traveled to the Seattle-bloc of Post-Occupation America.

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Osuna described the character he plays on the show, Glen.

“Glen is a very straightforward, loyal assistant to Everett Kynes, played by Wayne Brady, he is a very no-questions-asked, yes-I-will-do-what-I’m-told, and business-driven,” Osuna said.

“It’s been a lot of fun to play him, just because it’s something different than I’ve ever done before. I think I usually play quirky characters or funny characters, and he is not funny, or he doesn’t have a sense of humor. He’s very straightforward,” Osuna continued.

Osuna noted that he had actually worked with director Deran Sarafian before Colony.

“I’ve worked with him before on Rush. It was my first big job here in Canada when I got here.”

While Osuna knew that he was auditioning for a recurring role when he auditioned for Colony, he didn’t realize who would be directing the second episode he would be involved in.

“I didn’t realize that the second episode I was going to be a part of was going to be directed by Sarah Wayne Callies, and that was a good surprise. It was an amazing experience,” said Osuna.

In addition to inhabiting a post-occupation version of the United States in Colony, Osuna also has a recurring role as Rafe one of the inhabitants of Fillory, on The Magicians. I asked him how the two characters differed.

“In terms of how it is to work in a fantasy kind of show, it’s a lot of fun, incredibly fun,” he said.

“[Fillory] is a magical world, and Rafe lives in Fillory,” Osuna explained.

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“There are no given rules in this magical world. Anything can happen, and that, as an actor, is pretty much like being a little kid on the playground. You can just let your imagination run wild.”

Osuna’s character is the translator for Abigail, that sloth that represents the talking animal faction in the Royal Council of Fillory. Osuna talked about what it’s like to act opposite an animal.

“Working with Abigail, with animals, it’s one of my favorite things, partially because I am a big animal lover. To be working with her, Vassie is her name, is super fun. She’s very caring and loving. You’re not allowed to touch her or anything, but we have very good chemistry if I may say so myself.”


Since Osuna inhabits the magical land of Fillory in his role on The Magicians, I asked him what power he would most like to have if given the chance to choose.

“I think I would have the ability to travel, just like Penny’s character on The Magicians. I would like that,” he said. “Also to be invisible, I would love to be invisible. See everything and not have people know that I’m there — you’d learn a lot.”

Osuna always wanted to be an actor. There was never a plan B for him.

“I always knew that I wanted to be an actor growing up in Mexico. I didn’t know what to do really. We had acting classes in school and stuff, but I was never a part of that. Just because I felt like oh, everybody is going to think ‘Oh, it’s just a joke, it’s not serious,” he recalled.

“When I finished high school, I came here to Vancouver, and I studied acting for six months, and I made it my goal to find out about acting schools, meet people in the industry, and I created connections.”

“When I moved back to Mexico and worked for like a year and a half to save money, I made the decision to enroll in acting school in Vancouver, but there’s never been a plan B for me. It’s always been acting as my first love and my passion,” he admitted.

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Osuna had a few reasons for choosing Vancouver over other acting programs available to him.

“There were three options at the time,” he remembered. “One of them was Barcelona, just because my sister was there studying, and I visited and I liked it. And the other one was L.A. and then the third one was Vancouver.”

“I thought that because I knew the city a little bit better, that Vancouver would be the best option for me. At the time I was about eighteen or nineteen, so L.A. seemed a bit overwhelming for me. I would totally do it now, but Vancouver seemed like the safest [option] for me at the time,” Osuna said.

When Osuna isn’t acting he can be found writing, but the tone of his written work might surprise some people. 

“I’m a fairly positive, fun person, and everything that I write, for some reason seems to be very dark and negative. Maybe that’s just the way that I let it out,” he observed.

Osuna also likes going to movies, but not just watching movies. He prefers the experience of going to the theater, buying a ticket and popcorn. He also watches a lot of television.

“I watch a lot of TV,” Osuna shared. “But my justification for it: I call it research! I saved the entire last season of The Comeback. It’s hilarious, and it’s so great. It’s Lisa Kudrow at her best. I also have The Good Fight. I’m also watching reruns of 30 Rock just because I love that show. I also finished the series Broadchurch, that show’s really intense, but it’s also really good.”

Osuna has a few other projects coming up that fans can look out for including an appearance on the next season of Van Helsing.

“I did an episode of [Van Helsing], and it was an amazing experience because I got to be directed by Jason Priestley,” said Osuna. “This character is completely different than anything that I’ve done. It’s completely grounded, emotional, and intense. From a physicality perspective, I got to do some different stuff that I’ve never done before, so that was exciting.”

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One of Osuna’s other projects is producing a short film called Empty alongside Catherine Hill that focuses on human trafficking.

“We’re trying to get it into production at the end of the year,” Osuna stated. “Right now, we’ve won quite a few competitions in the screenwriting department. It’s exciting. It’s nerve-wracking because I never produced anything before, but it’s a story that I’m very passionate about.”

“It’s subject matter is very important and unfortunately very prevalent right now. It’s about human trafficking and how it affects and involves society right now. We’re working with lawyers who deal with the cases here in Canada, and we get a very good perspective into it. Hopefully, it’s going to be a very impactful project.”

You can catch Sergio Osuna on Colony Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network and by streaming Seasons 2 and 3 of The Magicians.

You can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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