Havana Guppy stars in Hulu's Shut Eye, which returns December 2017 for Season 2 (photo credit: James Branaman)

Havana Guppy Talks ‘Shut Eye’ Season 2 [Exclusive Interview]


The talented Havana Guppy got her big break last year when she played opposite Isabella Rossellini and Angus Sampson in the Hulu Original Series, Shut Eye.

The Hulu series, which premiered in December 2016, follows Charlie Haverford, a fake psychic living in Los Angeles. When he is injured by the angry boyfriend of a client, he starts to see glimpses of the future. Charlie works for Fonso, the patriarch of one of many Romani sects. The first season follows Charlie as he hatches a scheme to break away from Fonso’s agenda while also exploring Romani culture.

Guppy’s character, Drina, is Fonso’s teenage daughter who has her own story arc in the first season, culminating in a narrowly avoided arranged marriage.

I had a few questions for Guppy about Drina’s arc in the new season of Shut Eye, premiering in December, and her role in SYFY’s Aftermath.

Havana Guppy stars in Hulu's Shut Eye, which returns December 2017 for Season 2 (photo credit: James Branaman)
Havana Guppy stars in Hulu’s Shut Eye, which returns December 2017 for Season 2 (photo credit: James Branaman)

Tell-Tale TV: What drew you to the role of Drina initially?

Havana Guppy: When I first read my audition scene for Shut Eye, I instantly felt a connection to the character. I felt sympathy for her. I saw a strong young woman, struggling in her family, who may not be understood. I really wanted to be able to explore the character more.

Tell-Tale TV: Did you do any research into Romani culture when preparing for your role on Shut Eye?

Guppy: I didn’t know much about Romani culture beforehand. I’d Google any questions I had and read about the culture in America. There was also a Romani consultant on set during Season 1, so I got to talk to him about his culture, which was very fascinating. Especially learning about Roma weddings.

Tell-Tale TV: What was one of your favorite scenes to film during Shut Eye Season 1?

Guppy: I loved filming the wedding! Dancing with everyone while wearing that huge dress was so fun. Everyone’s energy made it even better.

Tell-Tale TV: At the end of Season 1, we saw Drina fighting with her father prior to being sent into an arranged marriage. Can you tease anything about her arc for the second season and how the events of the finale may shape her relationship with her father?

Guppy: In Season 2, Drina really starts to grow into herself. In my opinion, she’s not just some moody teenager. She really starts to show her strength. As for her relationship with Fonso, it’s not perfect. They still have trouble meeting eye to eye.

Tell-Tale TV:  What was it like working with Isabella Rossellini and Angus Sampson?

Guppy: I absolutely love them. Working with them felt so natural, and we had such great chemistry. Nothing ever felt forced or fake. I look up to them as actors.

Hulu's Shut Eye The Fool
SHUT EYE — “The Fool” (Photo by: David Bukach/Hulu)

Tell-Tale TV: You also played Mary in SYFY’s Aftermath. What made you connect with that character?

Guppy: Mary showcased my stubborn side. She’s very uptight and intense about almost everything, which I tend to accidentally fall into.

Tell-Tale TV: Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on now that Shut Eye Season 2 has wrapped?

At this time, I’m just busy auditioning and having fun back home in Vancouver.

Tell-Tale TV: Do you have anyone you would absolutely love to work with in the future?

Guppy: Lately, I’ve been watching The Office, so I have to say that I’d love to work with Steve Carell. I’m not all too comfortable with comedy, so I’d love to get to work alongside him, and maybe learn a thing or two.

Tell-Tale TV: Do you have any favorite TV shows that you’re currently watching, or that you’re looking forward to this season?

Guppy: I just finished watching Stranger Things 2. I’m already excited for the next season.

You can catch Havana Guppy as Drina on Hulu’s Shut Eye starting Wednesday December 6th.

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