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Bzhaun Rhoden Talks ‘Van Helsing’ [Exclusive Interview]


In 2016, Syfy debuted a new vampire apocalypse drama Van Helsing, which introduced viewers to a group of survivors who were held up in a hospital protecting a comatose woman.

As Season 1 progressed, viewers got to know the core cast, and minor arcs were introduced. Van Helsing then slowly splintered the main cast down to two characters for the action-packed finale.

In Season 2, Van Helsing starts to put the pieces back together for the central cast and deftly introduces some new characters. One of the characters is Felix, played by Bzhaun Rhoden, who is living in a juvenile detention center hidden away from the vampires.

Their teenage hierarchy is disrupted when vampire Sam, played by Christopher Heyerdahl, happens upon the facility and begins to play a game of cat and mouse with the teens within. All the while, Sam befriends a terrified Felix, who he finds hiding in an empty pool.

I had a few questions for Rhoden about his story arc, working with Christopher Heyerdahl, and what shows he can’t get enough of.

Tell-Tale TV: When were you first bitten by the acting bug? Is it something you always wanted to do? 

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Bzhaun Rhoden: I’ve wanted to act since I was seven. I got bit by the bug in my senior year of high school.

Tell-Tale TV: How did you get the role of Felix?

Rhoden: Haha! I auditioned. It was the hardest audition I’ve done to this day.

Tell-Tale TV: Were you a fan of the horror genre?

Rhoden: Absolutely not! I like my sleep.

Bzhaun Rhoden
Bzhaun Rhoden (photo credit: Leslie Alejandro; stylist: Erica Mer)

Tell-Tale TV: The audience meets Felix as a member of a juvenile detention facility; were you given any information regarding Felix’s backstory before you got to set?

Rhoden: I knew nothing about his backstory before going on set. That wasn’t a problem though, and it was probably better off that way.

Tell-Tale TV: What did you find most challenging about creating Felix’s character?

Rhoden: Besides speaking with no tongue, there were no real challenges with the character. He was easy to identify with.

Tell-Tale TV: You get to play several scenes opposite Christopher Heyerdahl. Did you two do any preparation beforehand regarding how Felix and Sam would interact? 

Rhoden: We did no preparation whatsoever and just went with the flow.

Tell-Tale TV: The scenes between Felix and Sam were really creepy. Is there any particular moment that gave you chills when you read the script? 

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Rhoden: Honestly, not really. Maybe something’s off with me, haha.

Tell-Tale TV: Do you have a favorite scene from your story arc? 

Rhoden: Yes! The pool scenes with Sam were my favorite. Working with him was amazing.

Tell-Tale TV: After Sam cuts out Felix’s tongue, your character still has dialogue. How did you prepare for those scenes?  

Rhoden: This was difficult. I spent a bit of time practicing the hindered speech, and I watched videos online. I asked Christopher for help.

Tell-Tale TV: Do you have any other projects lined up at the moment? 

Rhoden: I do! I’m going to keep it a surprise, though.

Tell-Tale TV: And finally, do you have a current favorite TV show? If so, what is it?

Rhoden: My favorite show right now would have to be Stranger Things. I’m currently trying to find the upside down.

You can catch Bzhaun Roden in Van Helsing Season 2 airing Thursdays at 9/8c. 

*Featured image credit: Leslie Alejandro; stylist: Erica Mer

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