Lovell Adams-Gray (photo credit: Lane Dorsey)

Lovell Adams-Gray Talks Netflix’s ‘Slasher: Guilty Party’ [Exclusive Interview]


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to queue up your to-watch list with some spooky titles that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Amongst the frightful series to look out for this season is Slasher: Guilty Party, which premieres October 17th on Netflix.

The second season of the series follows a group of former camp counselors who return to a campground in the remote Canadian wilderness in order to retrieve evidence of a crime they committed in their youth. Soon, the group and the camp’s latest inhabitants find themselves targeted by someone — or something — that is out for revenge.

We had a few questions for Lovell Adams-Gray about the show, his character Peter, and how he would survive a horror movie scenario.

Tell-Tale TV: If you had to summarize Slasher in a few words, what would they be? 

Lovell Adams-Gray: A freezing, fear-filled horror fest.

Tell-Tale TV: What drew you to Slasher

Adams-Gray: Peter Broome was a really compelling character to me. Peter’s journey to personal redemption, as well as his love for Andi, is what kept me engaged.

I found myself asking “why?” a lot, which forced me to always remain personally connected to Peter, questioning how my motivations aligned with his. Not to mention being able to work with the likes of Aaron Martin and the talented director Felipe Rodriguez.

Tell-Tale TV: What else can you tell us about your character on Slasher?

Adams-Gray: Peter is a leader. He’s a leader who is haunted by his past mistakes and wants to rectify them while he still can. I think Peter has a strong sense of morality, mixed in with traditional spiritual practices and a religious upbringing, but very modernized. He also believes in karma.
Tell-Tale TV: What do you think was the biggest challenge to creating your character?

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Adams-Gray: The biggest challenge was maintaining Peter’s composure. Allowing Peter to really “earn” his bigger moments was something I had to work at while keeping it believable and truthful.

Lovell Adams-Gray (photo credit: Lane Dorsey)
Lovell Adams-Gray (photo credit: Lane Dorsey)

Tell-Tale TV: Have you always been a fan of the horror genre? 

Adams-Gray: I’ve always been terrified of horror movies. Friday the 13th used to scare the heck out of me. My aunt had to convince me that Jason couldn’t get me because I wasn’t a teenager and didn’t go to Camp Crystal Lake.

Tell-Tale TV: If you suddenly found yourself in a horror movie scenario, what would be attacking you, and how would you survive it?

Adams-Gray: I can give you multiple scenarios. If I were to be attacked by a demon or evil spirit in a home I recently moved into, I’d go to church and move away from the house immediately. If I were to be hunted by Jason Voorhees, I’d grab a weapon such as a baseball bat, pitchfork, or shovel to defeat him with.

Predator? Stay in the city. Alien? Don’t go to space. Jeepers Creepers? Make sure I have a charged phone battery before I leave my house and bring the charger just in case. Or I just wouldn’t travel to a place with an urban legend about a winged demon that rips out your eyes so it can wear them.

I haven’t thought of a survival method for Freddy Krueger yet, though. He’d probably get me. I need my sleep.

Tell-Tale TV: When would you say you were bitten by the acting and performing bug? 

Adams-Gray: I’d say it bit me three times. Once when I was in first grade and I was to play the red fire truck on stage. I was making jokes during an assembly, and my teacher kicked me out of the play.

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It bit me again in the 8th grade, but I didn’t know how to break into acting from where I lived. Then it bit me a final time in 12th grade, where a teacher of mine said that if I don’t get specific and attack acting head on, there’s someone out there who will, and they’ll get it. That helped me decide that I wanted to act full-time.

Tell-Tale TV: Of the roles you’ve had so far, what would you say is your favorite? 

Adams-Gray: Other than playing Peter Broome, I’d have to say playing H. Rap Brown in a short film I wrote. That has been my favorite so far, and it will be released next year.

Tell-Tale TV: Slasher: Guilty Party wrapped production in May of this year, have you been working on any other projects since then? 

Adams-Gray: I’ve shot for a comedy series that you’ll be hearing about very soon. I’ve had the pleasure of being on stage for a production of Judas Noir at The Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. And I’m currently on stage at the Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton, Ontario in A Few Good Men.

Tell-Tale TV: If you could work with anyone in television (actor, writer, producer), who would you like to work with and why? 

Adams-Gray: I want to work on a series written and produced by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adley Guirgis, starring Viola Davis. Something akin to The Get Down.  I’ve performed in pieces written by Guirgis before, and it’s such an amazing ride.

The top three actors I’d love to work with are Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Viola Davis. Viola would crush a Stephen and Baz script. We must make this a thing!
Tell-Tale TV: What fall TV Shows are on your must-watch list? 

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Adams-Gray: Slasher: Guilty Party is number one on my list. It’s one thing to be apart of it, and another to watch the story unfold before your eyes. Luke Cage is back so that’s next up, same with The Walking Dead.

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Featured image credit: Lane Dorsey

You can catch him Slasher: Guilty Party starting October 17th on Netflix.

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