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Gotham Season Finale Review: Destiny Calling/Heavydirtysoul (Season 3 Episodes 21 and 22)

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Gotham’s third season concludes on a high note. Although I was counting the weeks until these episodes, I am now sorry to see them go. Gotham Season 3 Episode 21 “Destiny Calling” and Season 3 Episode 22 “Heavydirtysoul” take everything that frustrates me about this season and galvanizes it into a strong ending.

There were many threads running through these episodes, all of which involve different characters turning the tables on each other. The power dynamics are the core of the episode against the looming threat that is the virus bomb from the last episode.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 22
GOTHAM – L-R: Benedict Samuel, Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie – Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

The virus is really a small part of these episodes as a whole, but given that two of the main characters are infected with the virus, it’s very important that they find the antidote, and they do.

While the whole process of scrambling for Dr. Strange or Jervis Tetch is entertaining to watch, something about it feels a little too easy. It isn’t immediately noticeable because the finale does a good job at keeping the adrenaline pumping and the action going, but suddenly the lab techs are able to make an antidote out of a jar of Jervis’ blood?

In the end, I’m not concerned with the logic of it all (like I have been in other episodes) mostly because the “strongarm” Jim Gordon was a treat to watch, and as always his relationship with Harvey injects just the right amount of humor into the situation.

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For example, when Jim rips the passenger door off of Harvey’s car:

HARVEY: Jim, fight the virus, okay! Not my car! That’s my car!

Harvey and Jim’s relationship is one of the keystones of Gotham, and a reason I come back every week. It feels appropriate that Harvey would be the one to make Jim see reason and take the antidote.

Although the action is compelling, I’m more interested in the relationships between certain characters, who have been wheeling, dealing, and ultimately betraying each other all season. One compelling story is Nygma and Penguin.

Everything for Nygma and Penguin hinges on the moments at the dock where Nygma is determined to right a wrong and actually kill Penguin this time. A lot happens in these moments, including Penguin outmaneuvering the Riddler with some pretty simple techniques.

When we saw Penguin walking back to the docks, the same place his life “ended” twice before, I thought: “There’s no way they’re killing off Penguin?!” and I was right. I am glad that Penguin is alive and well, and I even enjoy the twisted turn of events that involve Nygma frozen in an “Iceberg.”

Gotham Season 3 Episode 21
GOTHAM – David Mazouz – Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Another relationship is Bruce and Alfred. While Bruce is able to break through the Shaman’s mind control, Alfred pays the price. Once the “spell” is broken, it’s easy to enjoy the scenes between these two characters who treat each other like family.

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But while Alfred may be Bruce’s guardian, Bruce takes a step towards fulfilling his destiny in these episodes when he dons a black cape and saves a young girl and her parents from a mugging.

This scene, once again, flips a motif we’re familiar with: the opening scene in Gotham’s pilot that depicts the murder of Bruce’s parents. Now, instead of showing us a broken family, torn apart by tragedy, we get to see a family saved by an unknown caped crusader being born.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Jim and Lee are on fleek when they enter the train station with those sunglasses.
  • We have to love Fish Mooney’s return, even if it is short-lived. The way that the recap throws a little shade at her character’s journey is spectacular; showing her life, death, and reanimation. I am really going to miss Fish Mooney in future seasons of Gotham, and I am a little heartbroken to see her go.
  • Let’s not forget Selina’s stepped into her destiny as Catwoman as well and goes to Tabitha as her mentor. Selina was absent a lot this season, and I really want her to come back into the foreground. Hopefully this means she will in Season 4.
  • It looks like they’re setting the stage to transform Erin Richards’ Barbara Keane into Harley Quinn. I can see it. Throughout this episode, her shortsighted, erratic behavior, and insistence that Butch and Tabitha all seem to be hallmarks that would make her a good candidate for a Harley Quinn character.
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Gotham will return for Season 4 this fall.

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