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Gotham Review: 46 Reactions We Had While Watching “All Will Be Judged” (Season 3 Episode 19)

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As Gotham heads towards its season finale, many of the plot threads feel really rushed.  Gotham Season 3 Episode 19 “All Will Be Judged” is at about the same temperature of the previous episodes with multiple character stories, but the execution (no pun intended) falls short and many of the conversations between the characters feel silly.

Still, even if some of the situations overreach in asking me to suspend my disbelief, they do elicit a reaction, so here are 46 reactions we had while watching Gotham Season 3 Episode 19 “All Will Be Judged.”

1. Don’t look so surprised, Nygma — of course Penguin survived. There’s a better question here: “How?”

2. “You are difficult to kill, more cockroach than penguin!” is the best line ever, but it would be more effective if Gotham stopped bringing people back from the dead.

3. This entire conversation in the cells is bordering on ridiculous. I get that we need to see this reunion, but it has taken the series so long to get to this point that I think I’ve actually stopped caring about their motivations.

4. Leaving the hospital probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but Doppel-Bruce isn’t winning any points by hitting Selina over the head. First, he pushes her out of a window, and then he hits her with an iron. Yep, you’re really winning her over.

5. So, are we ever going to see this clone again?

6. While I am all for a good twin twist, two at once is a little much. Please let this Lee and Mario scene be a dream!

7. Okay, wrist-cutting and decanting into a wine glass… that’s not creepy at all.

8. Yep, it’s a dream.

GOTHAM – “All Will Be Judged” – Jeff Neumann/FOX

9. Let me get this straight: Gotham set up the Court of Owls in the first episode. It took about two-thirds of the season to get Jim involved. Now, Jim doesn’t want to use his inside connection and wants to try to find the virus bomb like a cowboy, by going into a tenement building. Yeah, I don’t buy it.

10. Harvey might be the one thing keeping me interested in this episode. His sarcasm is at least making me smile.

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11. The crystal owl is revealed to be a map to secret locations. That’s it? It doesn’t have, like, nuclear codes or something?

12. Another one bites the dust! Thanks, Captain Barnes!

13. Yes, Alfred, Selina can still be mad at Bruce for not telling her about her mom. She’s pouting, but she has the right. Let her process her feelings in her own time.

14. Nice use of a kid for an infodump, GCPD.

15. Okay, this conversation between Nygma and Penguin is more believable.

GOTHAM – “All Will Be Judged” – Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

16. Yep, I still don’t trust the Shaman. Soothing voice aside, something about this whole approach kind of creeps me out.

17. This whole thing with locking away the memory of his parents’ murder doesn’t feel legit. Not to mention the scene looks ominous.

18. How much does Catherine really trust Jim if Jim can’t use his position within The Court to figure out their endgame? Is it just me, or is Jim getting to be worse at his job?

19. Lee’s search for answers feels like it should have happened earlier in the season. I want to say “better late than never,” but Lee’s questions lead to a lackluster reveal. Haven’t we already figured out that hurting Mario hurts her? Also, having Lee blame herself is so misguided.

20. Have they really just left Nygma to his own devices in his cage? Shouldn’t they expect him to try to escape?

21. Hearing Nygma and Penguin talk about killing each other and working together so they can escape to murder each other makes more sense. This is the kind of banter I like with them. However twisted it may be.

22. You were behind the death of Bruce’s parents, Shaman? How dare you! We trusted you! (Well, I didn’t, but someone out there probably did.)

23. Wow, I don’t want to cross the Shaman! He just killed someone from the Court of Owls!

24. Wait, he just killed someone from the Court of Owls — that means he is above them, right? That’s why the guy is kneeling? Is that what Catherine was referring to?

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25. Okay, Captain Barnes, we all know you aren’t going to actually kill James.

GOTHAM – “All Will Be Judged” – Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

26. What are you playing at, Jim? You’re really concerned about dying with your badge on?

27. That plan failed, but at least Harvey was right on your tail to save you, Jim. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

28. Yep, Harvey is my favorite character: “There’s a nut job running around in a leather jumpsuit, with an axe for an arm. Now, I know this is Gotham, but come on people, do something!”

29. Harvey really needs to find a new captain! First, Captain Barnes is running around Gotham, and now Bruce has been kidnapped and replaced with a clone! Welcome to the trip, man.

30. Now, I am just laughing at Harvey’s comment: “Due to circumstances completely beyond our control, the owl went kaboom!”

31. What’s in the flask, Harvey? And do you mind sharing?

32. “Wait, is that jello?” It’s official — even the goons in Gotham are bad at their jobs.

33. How did they bring Catherine Monroe in so quickly? Wouldn’t she have, like, an escape plan or something? No? Okay.

GOTHAM – “All Will Be Judged” – Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

34. By “all this time,” does Catherine mean the last four episodes? Because those of us that have actually been following for nineteen episodes don’t know anything either, and we actually have an excuse.

35. Harvey! Harvey! Harvey! I get that you’re excited to call clay guy, but you’ve got to watch what you say. You just sent the butler off on a rampage.

36. Newest superhero is born, and his name is “The Butler”!

37. Why haven’t they established better security at the GCPD? This is really bothering me. How many bad guys have just walked right in? They never learn!

38. Well, that didn’t end well for Catherine.

39. Good aim, Jim! Shoot the blade! Now if only you could have prevented Barnes from getting into the GCPD in the first place.

40. Nygma and Penguin are out of holding! This quiet and cordial moment sets us up for a great fight in the final three episodes. Don’t disappoint, Gotham!

GOTHAM – “All Will Be Judged” – Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

41. What’s Lee talking about? What doesn’t matter? Does this have to do with Tetch?

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42. Don’t do it, Bruce! This is a bad decision! Do not put the pearls in the safe.

43. Okay, you put the pearls in the safe. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

44. You see? I told you not to put the pearls in the safe, and now you’re going to become a corporeal ghost devoid of feeling.

45. Look at that map! Gorgeous! Now, how come you can assemble that in about an hour, but you couldn’t catch Jervis Tetch for five whole episodes?

46. Can’t say I didn’t entirely see this coming, but I am torn about seeing what the virus will bring out in Lee.

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