Pretty Little Liars: 7 Moments from “PlAytime” That Had Us Going “OMG!” (Season 7 Episode 11)

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The game is afoot, and the Liars are at the mercy of a blackmailing board game in the first chapter of the #PLLEndgame. Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11, “PlAytime,” kicks off right where “The DArkest Knight” left off, and then jumps ahead a little bit to the arrival of a mysterious package.

Still, it feels like while Pretty Little Liars is giving us some answers, it also feels like they haven’t told us enough.

Here are some of the moments that had us saying “OMG!,” and in some cased “OMG! Enough already!” from “PlAytime!”

1.The EMT in the Ambulance

Such a small part, but I love the EMT who is tending to Spencer’s gunshot wound. He’s trying to be comforting, but at the same time, he sounds just like the fans as he asks for her mother’s name.

Yes, poor EMT, we are all wondering the exact same thing, and we have so many more questions on top of it. You only know a small portion of our pain.

2. Nicole (aka The Elephant In the Relationship)
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “PlAytime” –  (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

No one is going to be happy until the very end of the series and that includes Ezria. We knew that things wouldn’t go well once Ezra found out that Nicole was alive, but now this plot feels like torture.

Let me just say it: Aria is being pragmatic. Ezra doesn’t know how he feels about Nicole now that he knows she’s okay, and Aria is being very mature and respecting that. After all, you can and can’t compete with a ghost, but you definitely can’t compete with a traumatized woman who’s recently been rescued and may be hoping her life goes back to normal.

Before there can be any ending for Aria, Ezra is going to have resolve things with Nicole. And that’s why I hate it when Hanna drags Aria out to look at wedding venues.

Not only is it presumptuous to assume that everything is going to come out in Aria’s favor, but it is so one-sided. Maybe I am a romantic, but doesn’t Ezra seem like a person who would want to be involved in the wedding plans?

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Make sure there’s a clause where you can get your deposit back, Aria, because while I am genuinely hoping for a happy ending for you, I am not entirely sure it will be with Ezra.

3. “Endgame”

Over the years the Liars have been put through a gauntlet of tests, but I think this game takes the cake. It’s like Jumanji and the CSI miniature killer all rolled up into one twisted horror-movie-esque plot!

The game is so techy that I can’t even imagine who would have put it together. It’s making my list of A.D. candidates even longer.

I am going to admit, this game is creepy, but mostly it’s really cool! (I would rather have received this game, than the creepy dolls from a few seasons ago.) Plus, wouldn’t you love a game that seems to give you answers to your biggest questions when you need them most?

4. The Allison/Paige Face Off

Wow, you can cut the tension in Rosewood High with a knife. With Emily, Paige, and Allison all working there now, it’s sure to become a crucible. (Because it definitely wasn’t when they were students!)

I genuinely just want to see Emily happy at the end of these ten episodes, no matter who she ends up with, but I think that Emily is right in putting the brakes on whatever may be developing with Allison.

Ali is this carefully curated artifice who never really grew out of high school, and while all of the Liar’s have had a chance to grow and change over the seasons, I think Ali is the most in need of some personal reflection to figure out who she really is, especially if she wants a relationship with Emily.

5. Trustworthy Mona?
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “PlAytime” – (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

It is no secret that I love Mona! I don’t think she can be trusted completely, but I think if the Liars would utilize her skills they would have figured things out a lot faster.

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The Mona we see on “PlAytime” does seem to genuinely care for Hanna and want her fashion career to do well. All the moves she makes in this episode are the same ones I would hope a friend would make for me.

The whole “who’s the boss” moment where Caleb and Hanna think that Mona could be trying to force Hanna’s name off the label could be something or it could just be years of not being able to trust anyone taking its toll. I would feel the same way if I was being terrorized by another uber-cyberbully!

So, let’s give Mona a chance. Let’s not give her too long of a leash, but maybe if we give her enough slack she can prove to be more of an asset than a threat.

6. Truth Time with Mama Hastings
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “PlAytime” – (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Oh, the biggest bomb of all.

When we find out that Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother, I immediately started spinning ways that plausibly explain how Mary could be Spencer’s mom. My guess was that Mary pretended to be Jessica, because they were twins, and that’s exactly what happened.

But, I don’t find this revelation disappointing. Instead, I find myself loving Veronica even more.

I can’t neatly categorize how I feel about Veronica’s story, but as she’s talking to Spencer about hating the idea of letting her go, I feel immense love for her.

Hearing all of this, I can’t deny the fact that she has a good heart underneath the icy Hastings exterior because honestly, Spencer could have disappeared and come back to be A.D., at least she had a home and family.

That being said, notice that Veronica wasn’t at the birth, so for all we know Spencer could be a twin.

7. The A.D./Jenna Tag

Capping off the episode is a tag with Jenna in a dark room talking with A.D.

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Initially, I am surprised to find that Jenna is still alive, but I am also amazed to see that A.D. seems to have scripted (or at least written some game theory) for their final moves.

Seeing A.D. interact is also a nice break. We’re so used to seeing the hooded figure that having someone else process the scene was sort of refreshing. Yet, we still don’t know who A.D. is. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

What did you think of this week’s Pretty Little Liars? What are you hoping each Liar receives from the game? Anymore guesses as to who A.D. is? Let us know in the comments below.

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