Gotham Review: Ghosts (Season 3 Episode 12)

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As I turn off Gotham Season 3 Episode 12, “Ghosts,” I breathe a sigh of relief and say: “finally!” Then the high of a character-driven episode wears off and I start grimacing about what lies ahead.

One of my biggest critiques this season is the fact that they dedicate so much time to the story of Jervis Tetch and Alice.

While “Look Into My Eyes” gives the siblings a promising storyline, those that follow rely on outlandish plots and showboating to hold the audience’s attention while pushing aside the main characters.

“Ghosts” lets our favorite flawed heroes and villains out to play and sets up for a promising season as the pieces start to fall.

One of the storylines I am most interested in is between Penguin and Nygma. On “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster” Nygma finds out that Penguin’s responsible for Isabella’s death and vows revenge.

With “Ghosts,” we see Nygma take the first steps in his revenge. In order to drive Penguin mad, he sets up a “haunting” that drives Penguin to murder his deputy Chief of Staff and lose his mind on national television.

Nygma only appears in the last few minutes of the episode, but it’s clear he’s playing a brutal long game.

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This is a really strong psychological plotline, and it’s the kind of plot I love to see in shows like this. It not only plays with Penguin’s past but it also makes use of the main cast efficiently. As an added bonus, it brings back another minor character that has appeared before.

Sometimes, it seems like Gotham runs with a plot, kills off the villain, and then immediately comes down with a case of amnesia where the writers forget the character exists.

That’s why the final reveal, showing a frozen Jerome, has me feeling a little lukewarm.

I will be honest in saying that I don’t remember anything about Jerome’s plotline, and that’s because of the constant introduction of new characters in Gotham.

While new characters are great, the scenes can get really crowded as new villains are introduced. For example, I am still waiting to see where the doppel-Bruce has been and The Court of Owls.

Having Jerome come back could pan out one of two ways. One, he already has a history with some of the characters on the show, which can result in more dynamic plots. Two, he could overshadow any character-based plots that come up in the second half of the season.

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Time will tell, but I am hoping for the first scenario.

Stray Thoughts:

  • I love the direction on the cemetery scene. The angles and the lighting created a very solemn mood and it looks very cinematic.
  • I really want Harvey to get a plotline all his own. He makes me laugh hysterically by stating the obvious, but I feel like he can be much more than comic relief.
  • Selina and Maria seem to reunite and then fall out again within the same episode. Please tell me there are more plans for her than just a two-episode disruption?
  • Speaking of forgotten main characters, I have to ask, where are Ivy Pepper and Fish Mooney?

What did you think of this episode of Gotham? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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