PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Wanted: Dead or Alive" - As the police gain new leads in Rollins' disappearance, the Liars wonder if he really is dead while someone else meets his/her end, in "Wanted: Dead or Alive," an all-new episode of Freeform's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars," airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Pretty Little Liars Review: Wanted: Dead or Alive (Season 7 Episode 6)

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We think it’s safe to say that Pretty Little Liars is back in the saddle. The body count in Rosewood is rising and the tension has never been higher as the hunt for Archer Dunhill intensifies.

The dynamic duo of Jenna and Sarah seems to be much more than we originally thought. What at first seemed like two baddies teaming up now looks to have a couple more layers.

Sarah reveals that she’s working with Jenna to try to protect Emily, but her effectiveness is short-lived when a maid finds her dead in the bathtub.

We were hoping to see these two baddies band together and reek some havoc on Rosewood, but Pretty Little Liars is pretty good at playing the long game. So it’s no surprise that the rug would be pulled out from under us at a moment’s notice.

Considering Jenna’s admission that she and Charlotte were friends and that she helped Archer get his false identity to become Eliot, we have to wonder if she’s back to being the prime suspect.

We won’t complain if she is! Tammin Sursok has always done a great job as Jenna and she constantly brings tension to the show.

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Plus, let’s not forget that Noel Kahn is back in town and they’ve done some scheming in the past. There might be a larger network here. Just like with Charlotte.

Not only is the body count rising, but A.D. is showing that they have some serious skills and that they are even more terrifying than the original A. If A was the student then A.D. is the master.

A.D. is flying in the face of the Jaws theory. Remember how the first Jaws movie was only scary because of the idea of a shark? The threat is there without anyone seeing it?

A.D. is the opposite.

When we didn’t know that Charlotte was A, and we just had this omniscient presence terrorizing the Liars, it was scary. What was scarier was when A would cross into assault.

A.D. is escalating even faster and in an almost frenzied and impatient fashion.

As an added touch, let’s add in the taunts about Eliot not being dead and then unearthing his body in the grave. So if Eliot/Archer is dead then who is tormenting the Liars now?

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How far up does this pyramid of enemies go? Who is the master puppeteer pulling the strings?

One thing is for sure, the Liars and the audience are on the same page for the first time since the jump. For once we are as in the dark as the characters and it makes for a stronger show.

Stray Thoughts                                           

  • Okay, Pretty Little Liars, we need to discuss Mona! You brought back Mona for one episode and now where is she? You know where she would have been helpful? Breaking into Jenna’s computer! So many of the Liars’ plans don’t work when you apply the logic of Mona.
  • Caleb and Spencer broke up and the scene broke our hearts. Yes, we love Hanna and Caleb, but Troian’s performance was out of this world. Also, good on the writers for putting that scene with Hanna and Spencer on the swings in there.
  • Aria accepts Ezra’s proposal! Who’s excited for a Pretty Little Liars wedding?

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