Pretty Little Liars Review: The Wrath of Kahn (Season 7 Episode 9)

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Does anyone else feel like this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars falls flat? After setting up for a great Hanna driven episode in “Exes and OMGs,” this episode seems to focus on everyone but Hanna.

Sure, Hanna was around, being a free agent. She’s taking action and going after her own plan to deal with Noel.

However, watching her implement this devious plot was intercut with her friends being concerned, but also stealing the spotlight. While they continuously call her phone, we can’t help but wonder if this is another case where the logic of Mona could be applied.

If you are really concerned about your friend, why don’t you call the one person who can probably locate her faster than a NSA satellite?

Why? Because that would detract from the ransacking they’re going to do if they rush to talk Hanna out of the plan!

If we look at all the threads of this episode, Hanna is the most compelling.

She’s gone through a lot this season. She was kidnapped at the end of Season 6, after she set up a trap for A.D., and was tortured in the premiere episode of Season 7. What no one seems to be admitting is that Hanna hasn’t processed any of what’s happened to her!

Let’s think about the first episodes of this season. Between “Tick-Tock, Bitches” and “Bedlam,” Hanna runs into Mary Drake, who then drives her to Spencer’s house.

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She never divulges details and her friends seem more concerned about dealing with the threat than Hanna. Hanna can’t talk to her fiancé about what’s happened, and she breaks off the engagement. In fact, Hanna can’t talk to anyone about what’s going on because A.D. is sure to get to the psychiatrist – or anyone else she opens up to.

Plus, the opening scene in “Exes and OMGs” shows Hanna insisting that Noel is A.D., a point that gets shut down by all her friends. (But, wait, didn’t they once think Noel was A? Oh, what short memories the Liars have!)

So, does it actually surprise anyone that she hatches this plan and is going about its execution on her own and how are her friends not more concerned? Why aren’t they trying to find her? Her lie about where she was going was clearly not that convincing, and she has her phone on.

So, we say again…apply the magic of Mona!

Instead of looking for Hanna, the Liars dig up information on Noel Kahn. Funny how now they believe he might be involved, when they didn’t seem to an episode ago.

Fortunately, their ransacking if fruitful and comes in the form of footage from A’s dollhouse, where we see Noel covering a drugged Spencer with fake blood. Seeing this footage rips off a bandage and illuminates some of the Dollhouse’s events in a new light.

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How much we’re really going to see of this footage in future episodes remains a mystery, because as Aria said, she never wants to see it again.

Overall, this episode leaves us with mixed feelings. We’re excited for the finale because it looks like Hanna did manage to abduct Noel after all. As to what her plans are, we can’t be sure.

Just please, don’t let us down and have Hanna’s secret agenda…mission…revenge plot…whatever she calls it, play second fiddle in the summer finale.

Stray Thoughts

  • Are Jason and Aria really a good idea? Spencer and Jason are already half siblings. What are the odds that Jason is in love with a secret sister?
  • Of course Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages. It would be convenient for her to come back just when Jason represents himself. Now Aria has to make a choice between Jason and Ezra. High drama is bound to happen there. Honestly, Aria has gotten the most slack when it comes to A. Most of her “threats” seem to involve her relationship with Ezra, so if A.D. finds a way to leverage it, it may be a little played out.
  • Spencer and the cop–convenient. Spencer either has a thing for cops, or this guy is one of the A.D.-Team. Possibly both?
  • How does this all tie back to the Amish community we saw a few episodes ago? Now it feels like they’re just throwing things into the plot.
  • Did Ali do anything in this episode? Did she even appear?
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