Pretty Little Liars Review: Original G’A’ngsters (Season 7 Episode 7)

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Just when everything seems to be going great, someone comes along and throws a monkey wrench into everything. Wait! For Pretty Little Liars fans, that’s just Tuesday!

While things aren’t dire for the Liars, A.D. is upping the ante, complete with death threats.

Where original A, aka Charlotte, used to threaten them with things that would just get them into trouble, it seems like A.D. is out for blood. Sure, there were times when it seemed like one of the Liars was going to bite the dust, but now the threat seems real.

How A.D. progresses to a death threat is full of terse moments leading to a heart-pounding conclusion. The Liars are forced to deal with the tangled web they’ve woven for themselves and a secret about Mary and Charlotte.

This episode brings Jason back to Rosewood and he sets his sights on proving that Mary is a fraud. His first action, upon meeting her, is to give her a court order that says he’s Ali’s caretaker now.

Did this read as off to anyone else? Ali is twenty-three. Why would she need a caretaker? Pretty Little Liars isn’t a legal show, especially in civil matters like this, but it feels like there should be more to getting this court order than what we’ve seen.

Now, let’s just say that Ali’s reaction to Jason’s return is spot on. He marches into her life and wants to fix things. He’s convinced that Ali has it wrong, but Jason hasn’t been here.

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Don’t get us wrong, we still think Mary is up to something. The immediate threat, Rollins, is dead. We’re breathing a little bit when it comes to Mary, but that may be our mistake.

Jason’s plan seems to backfire when it turns out the storm cellar she mentions at dinner does exist.

When the Liars visit it and see that it’s Jessica’s Lair, they find an assortment of files collected on each of them, except Aria and Noel, as well as Mary’s records from Radley.

The records state that Mary had a second child, but doesn’t give a name.

Never has there been a tale so intricately woven as that of the DiLaurentis family. Just when we were sure that secret siblings couldn’t shock us anymore, they ripped the rug out from under us again.

The one thing we know about the child is that it would be around 23 years old. That makes Noel a candidate, but it could also mean that the Liars are as well.

Think about it, it sounds like they were all born and raised in Rosewood–nothing to suggest an alternate parentage.

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In the episode tag, A.D. can be seen burning Noel’s file, and in a flashback scene, Mary is distraught that her son is dead.

What do we make of A.D. burning Noel’s file? Is Noel Charlotte’s sibling?

“Original G’A’ngsters’” also involves another pulse-pounding scene. A.D. locks the Liars in Spencer’s car and then initiates a countdown over the GPS. Then he delivers a threat while writing “I See You” on the rear windshield of the car.

It’s a chilling scene, but if A.D. wanted the Liars to die, he could have staged a bomb before now. A.D. is serious about finding Charlotte’s killer, and they want the real one.

We’re starting to worry. Somehow it doesn’t seem like A.D. is going to be setting up dollhouses.

Stray Thoughts:

  • If Nicole is alive, Aria is going to regret not telling Ezra about that phone call. Plus, there goes the wedding.
  • Emily and her mom were adorable with this episode. The grief behind the loss of Emily’s dad hasn’t really been addressed and it’s been nice to see a bit of that.
  • Toby and Yvonne are moving to Maine? And you left us with that heartbreaking Soby scene? Oh my god, the feelings.

What did you think of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Any theories about Charlotte’s sibling? Let us know in the comments below!

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