Pretty Little Liars Review: Hit and Run, Run, Run (Season 7 Episode 4)

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Pardon us for being a little gun-shy, but the last time we made this statement, Pretty Little Lairs shifted back into neutral about as quickly as it cracked into high gear. Deep breath!

The show seems to have finally gotten back to its take-no-prisoners pacing that we have all known and loved since season one.

Let’s talk about the return of two pivotal characters.

Mona is asserting herself as the brains of all criminal schemes. While the Liars are racing to cover up Eliot’s death, she steps into the line of fire and stops them from making crucial mistakes that could have blown their whole plan.

In this episode, it’s almost impossible not to draw comparisons between Mona and Regina, the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time. She’s an untrustworthy ally, but she’s an ally you want on your side when you’re battling the forces of darkness.

Plus, she’s got that magic touch that makes technology bend to her will.

The other character that comes back to Rosewood is Jenna Marshall. Jenna is the character that we love to hate. Yes, what Alison did to her was horrible, but whenever she’s on the screen you know something is going to go down.

From the very first episode, every appearance Jenna made on the show has been wrought with suspicion, and this entrance is no difference.

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The second we hear the ominous tapping of her cane and the cryptic way she addresses all the Liars at the brunch table, there is a palpable tension that we are really hoping this show keeps.

“Hit and Run, Run, Run” isn’t all about covering up Eliot’s death. It deals with some pretty heavy material too.

One of the most out-of-character moments is when Spencer gets drunk. For a while, it looked like we were in for an ironic twist if Spencer screwed up the plan.

Spencer’s unraveling stands in stark contrast to earlier in the episode when she was taking charge and making sure that everyone knew the plan. She even had a snappy comeback when she told Emily to wipe down Eliot’s phone.

Well, if you’re going to commit a crime–however accidental it may be, it helps to have a friend like Spencer who carries sanitary wipes everywhere.

After getting drunk and talking to a guy at the bar, Spencer calls Emily and they have an emotional chat about how she thought this was all over, and she didn’t have to be in control anymore.

We can go back and forth about the five-year jump the series took last season and whether that was a good or bad decision.

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Playing Devil’s Advocate, I have to have to say that Spencer has a point. Coming back to Rosewood, ending up in the same position in which they began, being blackmailed by A.D., it’s a lot to deal with.

Heck, one A was enough for anyone to deal with!

That being said, the five-year jump does give the show some opportunity to explore those wounds. If we try to picture the first episode when they all came back to speak for or against Charlotte’s release, that wouldn’t have been a satisfying ending. Neither would them going off to college and leaving them in limbo.

There are wounds here and the Liars still need to deal with them to give this series the conclusion it deserves.

Stray Thoughts

  • This show is making me start to ship Spencer and Caleb. That scene with Spencer and Caleb on the other side of the doors was heartbreaking. Their faces.
  • Hannah broke up with Jordan. We want to say thank god, but what is the likelihood Jordan wasn’t involved?
  • Mary Drake? We are still not sure we can trust you. That creepy moment when you comforted Ali didn’t help.

What did you think of this episode of Pretty Little Lairs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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