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Orange is the New Black Review: Turn Table Turn (Season 4 Episode 9)

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This episode of Orange is the New Black balances serious issues with bits of levity.

While Maria’s drug ring continues to operate, Piper schemes to get a burger from a guard.

Let’s all thank god that Red and Nicky had that little talk in the shower about her drug habit. When Nicky fell off the wagon in “Piece of Sh*t.” We just got Nicky back, and seeing her go down the same path as Trish would have been sad.

Red’s mention of Trish is heartbreaking, but it also reminds us that this show has a long memory, and we have to give it to the writers for drawing on that. Red’s guilt regarding Trish is raw and fresh and it’s clear that she doesn’t want to lose another daughter.

On the more comical side, you have Piper and Alex’s quest for a cheeseburger. Their serious craving comes with the price of a hand job.

First, it’s nice to see that these two have buried their hatchet. They’re acting like normal human beings, Alex isn’t moping, and Piper isn’t trying to be “gangsta with an a.”

They’re being friendly, and add to that their debate over this exchange of sexual favors for goods is quite entertaining.

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Because in the end, it seems like they’ve decided that the off-brand Spam sandwich they’ve settled for isn’t worth it. So is the quest of the cheeseburger going to continue, or has Piper really straightened out her morals?

Then you have Sister Jane Ingalls. The activist nun who wanted publicity before she got into prison is trying to get sent to SHU. Of course, she couldn’t have picked a worse time since minor infractions like talking back to a guard won’t get her sent there.

Plus, her comical bouts of passive resistance just aren’t cutting it: taking food to her room, smoking in the yard, trying to light a tray on fire. She’s trying to go to SHU for noble intentions; she wants to know that Sophia is okay.

Orange is the New Black Season 4
Orange is the New Black Season 4 – photo courtesy of Netflix

It isn’t until we see her go into her cell in the SHU that alarm bells start to go off. What if this goes the way of Nellie Bly in the insane asylum? Who is going to get her out?

It sounds like this mission carries a lot of risk. The only pay off will be if she can get that photo of Sophia out.

The third thread in this episode involves the Dominican drug ring. The Stop and Frisks targeting the Latinas have met a new enemy: body odor!

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Flores has found a way to make her unkempt appearance and the long shower lines work in her favor; if she smells bad, the guards won’t frisk her.

She and the other Latinas decide to use whatever they can: rancid pudding cups, oysters, sardines, to make them smell as disgusting as possible. The idea itself is brilliant, but we get the feeling that this isn’t going to end well.

Through some flashbacks, it’s clear that Flores isn’t a stranger to killing her enemies with kindness—or a few twisted mind games.

This seems like a far cry from the woman who was using a cell phone to sending dirty photos to her boyfriend from the one bathroom stall with a door!

Then again, she was the first inmate we discovered had a cell phone! So, maybe she was a force to be reckoned with all along.

One thing is for sure, this season many of the inmates in Litchfield are presenting a whole new set of skills.

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