Actor Steven Grayhm Previews His New Character on ‘Between’ [Exclusive Interview]


Steven Grayhm is multi-talented. He writes, acts, produces, and directs and recently created his own production banner.

Soon, he will be gracing our screens on the Netflix series Between as a new character who comes to Pretty Lake to test the antivirus that could save all the resident’s lives.

Between, which debuted last year, tells the story of the town of Pretty Lake, which is dealing with a mysterious disease that kills everyone over the age of twenty-two. Grayhm’s character Liam is a prodigy who is trying to save the town from the virus.

Liam worked with Adam’s father at Horatio Pharmaceuticals, which is partially responsible for the outbreak of the virus in Pretty Lake, but we are not sure how and why.

He has dedicated himself to carrying on Adam’s father’s work developing an antivirus. He needs the people of Pretty Lake to work with him in order to trust him. “He goes into this situation that is just complete anarchy and doesn’t realize what he’s set himself up for,” Grayhm explained.

“Even though he is, on the surface, motivated for all the right reasons to help these people, he didn’t anticipate the reality of the situation, which is the danger. A town of very distraught, distrusting youth that feel like they have been abandoned and that the government has turned their back on them.”

Grayhm said he was particularly drawn to the series because of the writing. “The second season was written with so many plot twists and turns; it was really unpredictable.”

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The role is also perfect fit for Grayhm, who was a pre-med student before he dropped out to go to theater school. He said that he knew how accurately Liam’s dialogue was written, and that drew him to the role even more.

Another addition to the cast is Mercedes Morris who plays a potential leader of a faction of youth that has banded together for survival.

“Liam comes in contact with her during an extremely intense exchange where it’s sort of a do or die situation,” Grayhm said. “Her character is very intense, very smart, and cunning. You’re not sure if you can trust her or what’s going on, but that character has quite an incredible arc that works sort of in tandem with Liam’s character.”

Grayhm said he really enjoyed his time working on Between, and that he particularly enjoyed working with Jeanette McCurdy.

“She’s a very generous actress — always came to set every day ready to work and try different things and whatnot. You can’t ask for anything more than that.”

He also mentioned the location being part of the unique experience of working on this show. Between is filmed in Toronto and the surrounding areas, so the cast and crew were on location for the six-episode shoot in the dead of winter.

“Some of the terrain was really cool, where we had torrential snowstorms. That made it sort of unique, and I think the audience will be very pleased with how filmic it looks,” Grayhm said. He also praised the work of Boris Mojsovski and Michael McGowen, who got involved in the directing this year.

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Grayhm has a diverse background in film, theater, and television. He’s guest starred in Alcatraz, Cold Case, CSI, and Smallville, but he’s also worked on other sides of the film industry.

Recently, he produced, wrote, directed, and starred in the short film Vodka, Winter and The Cry of Violin, a film based on the true story of a Polish couple’s perilous twilight plight to save their only son from a Nazi German labor camp during the last winter of WWII.

The film was nominated for a Hollywood Discovery Award at the Hollywood Film Festival and was awarded “Best International Short” at the New York Film Festival.

Grayhm has also started an entertainment banner with his business partners Charlie Bewley and Matt Dallas. Their first project is a screenplay Grayhm wrote called Thunder Road that is going into pre-production.

The film explores post-traumatic stress in soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It took him five years to write; two of those being full-time. Grayhm will be playing the lead role of Calvin.

“It’s been an absolute labor of love, and we really feel like it’s a timely message for what’s going on right now,” he said.

When he isn’t writing, directing, producing, or acting, Grayhm is able to find the time to sit back and watch his favorite shows, which most recently have included The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and Bloodlines.

“I was blown away by FX’s show The People vs. O.J. Simpson. I could not wrap my head around some of these performances: Sarah Paulson, Courtney [B. Vance]. They’re gonna clean up at the Emmys. There’s no doubt!”

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Between returns for Season 2 this summer on Netflix.


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