Orphan Black Review: Transgressive Border Crossing (Season 4 Episode 2)

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It’s turning out that things may not be all they appear to be on Orphan Black.

After an episode dedicated to Beth last week, “Transgressive Border Crossing” continues its look to the past as they delve deeper into what exactly Beth was investigating, leading us to believe that there may have been more to Beth’s suicide than we were originally lead to believe.

With Sarah Manning’s Icelandic paradise threatened by Neolutionists, Team Sarah goes on the run once again. They torch the home they’ve been living in and take off back home.

While it is clear that Neolution is a big threat this season, it doesn’t feel like they’re as big of a threat just yet. In Season 1, they were just an idea that humans could direct their own evolution. They haven’t really been back in the foreground with the Dyad Institute and Project Castor taking center stage.

Perhaps they’re laying in wait, but none of their activities so far have felt really threatening. Someone shot Delphine last season, and the raid on the Iceland cottage was scary, but they got away. Neolution doesn’t appear to be a formidable enemy yet.

Maybe the reveal of the little cheek worm will be the catalyst we need to up the stakes. So far all we know about Neolution’s weapon, these seemingly harmless cheek parasites, is that they kill the host if they are removed. So what are they for? We need some answers soon!

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This is exactly what Beth was tracking before she died. Through an installed surveillance camera and some help from MK, we learn that she was still investigating the last case she was working on with Art while on leave.

We don’t know the details about what she found, but something happened that drove her to the train platform.

We really want to see more of Beth, but I hope they find another way to bring her into the story. If the show relies on bits of Beth’s life left behind through video footage and MK, the Leda Clones are probably not going to get very far. Unless MK is hiding something.

Meanwhile, we also get to see Helena who is still pregnant, with twins. While Helena is happy, Alison is keeping herself busy and seems to be suppressing some emotions regarding the pregnancy.

The clones have shown some complex emotions regarding pregnancy and fertility. Rachel seemed to resent her father for it while Beth seems to discharge the situation with humor.

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Alison was the only clone we met at the start of the series that had children, aside from Sarah, but her kids were adopted. We haven’t touched on Alison’s history regarding her children and it could be interesting to see where this goes.

Stray Thoughts

  • Kendall Malone, your snarky retorts got us this week. Climbing out of the delivery truck after grumbling about an eighteen-hour ride in a cargo plane after having two homes burned down inside of three months and really needing a fag? Yea! That was brilliant!
  • Kendall is dying of leukemia! Danggit! You make us love a character and then you steal her away all in the same episode.
  • “Chicken” is what Mrs. S calls Cosima and it is so adorable!
  • We still don’t know if Delphine is alive! It is killing us! Come on Orphan Black, give us something!
  • Felix is trying to find his birth family. I have to say I don’t blame him. He kind of got sucked into Sarah’s story and although he loves her, he must need to find his own flesh and blood. Especially after finding out that apparently Sarah and Mrs. S are technically genetic half-sisters.
  • The Rabbit Hole Comic Book Shop is the most geektastic front ever.

What did you think of this episode of Orphan Black? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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