Grey’s Anatomy Review: You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side (Season 12 Episode 21)

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We saw that, Grey’s Anatomy! Did you think you could get away with scuffling back across that line and suddenly adhering to realistic doctor/patient relationships? How exactly did we get here? If it wasn’t for you playing fasts and loose with these ethical quandaries some of your best hours of television wouldn’t have existed and there wouldn’t be twelve seasons of this show!

Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama) is back in the hospital with Stephanie, who is torn between being the doctor and being the patient. Stephanie was in the hospital once as a kid, with sickle cell anemia and she finds it hard to be just the “loved one” in this scenario. What really bothers us about this is that this isn’t the first time that a character treated someone they were involved with.

Remember when Meredith had a one-night stand and then he came into the OR with an eternal erection? Remember when Callie was hurt in the car crash while pregnant and both Mark and Arizona had to be commanded to stand against the wall?

It’s a line that Grey’s Anatomy crosses all the time. Yes, you can reason it out as being television or the story being different at times because, if not, there wouldn’t be a story. These conflicts are the very story-lines in which this show was built on!

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It doesn’t strictly apply to doctors and their intimate relationships either. Friendships are also a conflict of interest that this episodes examines.

April and Arizona are friends that are toeing the line between professional responsibility and friendship. During an ultrasound Arizona thinks she may see a problem in the baby’s brain. April is not happy with the fact that that she might be carrying another baby with a chromosomal abnormality and she takes it out on Arizona. After a fetal MRI, it turns out to be nothing.However, Arizona feels that she can’t be April’s obstetrician because she would rather be her friend.

Again, this is an example of Grey’s Anatomy trying to uncross a line that they have crossed in the past. How many times have Grey-Sloan doctors sought treatment from a friend or colleague? Quite a few times–in fact, most of the early seasons. Don’t ask us to list all the times this has happened. As we said before, if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a show.

Maybe this is supposed to be an understated hour that sets up next week’s big courtroom drama between Arizona and Callie, but at the end of this episode, we have to ask—is it possible that Grey’s Anatomy is reaching the end of its road?

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Remember, if things always went right all the time we wouldn’t be invested in these characters. We need to see a little more conflict and a few more challenges for our favorite, seasoned doctors to raise to.

Stray Thoughts:

  • We felt really bad for the two older men that came in. That story-line was very poignant, but we were hoping a better ending.
  • Sad endings seem to be what Shonda Rhimes is serving up this week. Stephanie’s budding relationship with Kyle is quickly squashed. Is anyone else hoping that Kyle doesn’t give up that easily?
  • Alex would make a good diplomat. Refusing to take sides between Callie and Arizona was a good call. Who wants to start a “Karev for President” campaign?

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