Grey’s Anatomy Review: Trigger Happy (Season 12 Episode 20)

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Everyone is jumping the gun on this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Trigger Happy.”

When two boys accidentally set off a gun it awakens memories for some of the doctors and gives realizations to others. To say that everyone has a itchy trigger finger would be an understatement.

The case involves two eight-year-old boys who remove a gun from a locked drawer and start playing with it. One shoots the other, leaving the good doctors at Grey-Sloan to save him.

Gun violence isn’t a new plot on Grey’s Anatomy. Season 6 ended with a mass shooting perpetrated by Gary Clark and Amelia’s father was shot by a gunman that attempted to rob his store.

During a conversation about gun control, safety, and ownership in the OR, Jo reveals she owns a gun, much to the surprise of Alex.

It’s easy to see the two sides to this story. Alex works with kids and has seen the damage a gun can do. Jo has probably seen it too, but she’s also lived in a car when she was a teenager, a situation that put her personal safety in jeopardy. In the end, Jo realizes she’s outgrown needing the gun to feel safe.

That’s a very adult move for her. Although, it may have been wise for her to mention how she would dispose of the gun properly. Somehow, we just imagine that box may have ended up in the trash. Please have a little more responsibility than that after what you just saw!

Amelia struggles the most with the case. She is determined to save the boy, but when it comes down to it, she’s unable to restore his nerves and he ends up paralyzed.

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Still, when Amelia talks to his friend at the end of the episode, she shows that she can differentiate intentional actions from accidental ones. She takes the boy’s hands and says that he has to repeat that he didn’t mean it. She knows he didn’t, but she needs him to believe it too.

This was the most touching moment of the episode. Amelia puts aside opinions and judgments and helps a little boy. Maybe she sees herself in him, wishing she could have prevented her father’s death, but in a moment, when the attention is focused on his mom and the police officer she goes to the child. She goes to the one who is most affected.

Let’s talk about another hot-button issue: Callie and Penny’s move to New York.

When Callie decided to move to New York with Penny last week, you could practically hear Calzona fans screaming their best Darth Vader-esque “NOOOOOOOOOO!” This week both Arizona and Bailey confront her about what a horrible decision she’s making.

Callie is making preparations to move Sophia to a New York school without really discussing it with Arizona! Plus, Bailey points out that while she has job offers she’s not going to have the same status she does at Grey-Sloan. She won’t be Chief of Ortho and Bailey calls her out on it.

BAILEY: You’re a chief. She’s a resident. You’re giving up your career to chase tail across the country?

Callie doesn’t want to hear it. Her mind is made up. So it seems like a double slap in the face when she goes to talk to Arizona and she gives Callie the card with her lawyer’s contact information.

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It’s safe to say that Callie won’t be leaving Seattle anytime soon with this to deal with.

Stray Thoughts:

  • It looks like April and Jackson stopped fighting. Maybe there is hope for their reconciliation this year after finding out their baby is healthy.
  • The story of Owen and Riggs continues to come out of these two like blood from a stone! The latest revelation being that Owen told his sister to get onto the chopper and come home. We need a flashback episode or something. You guys are giving us an ice cream headache.
  • Ben, you are in the doghouse! Did you really think pulling something like that would work?
  • Let Stephanie be a lesson to us all, be extra careful when sending dirty texts to make sure it doesn’t get sent to your boss. Of course, maybe your boss wants to play Cupid, like Meredith. In which case, send dirty texts meant for your love interest to your boss. Just be prepared to blush every time she mentions it.
  • For the second time this season, we saw all of Meredith’s kids in one space. Although, we are not sure how you can get away with relating kids to cats. Cats are much more independent and much more in-your-face than Meredith’s kids seem to be. Although, they’re never with the kids, so maybe in that way they are like cats.
  • Speaking of kids, can we see Bailey dump a whole sack of flour on the floor? We can’t get that image out of our heads, and although we know Maggie was distraught over the case-of-the-week that sounds so adorable.
  • The secondary case of the double catfish just goes to show you, don’t believe everything someone tells you on the internet, except us–we always tell the truth about TV.
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