Pretty Little Liars Review: Did You Miss Me? (Season 6 Episode 19)

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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars  is an anticlimactic strategy session. With the New A closing in, and resorting to drastic measures to find Charlotte’s killer, the Liars decide to strike back the one way they know how; by lying.

After Alison takes a tumble down the stairs while on her honeymoon, Hanna decides that they need to take action. They’re going to give the New A what he or she wants. Hanna is going to confess to killing Charlotte. This exchange says it all:

HANNA: We’re setting a rat trap.

EMILY: Yea, and you’re the cheese.

Like the plan or not, Hanna makes good cheese. Hanna’s lie is so detailed and so intricate that even Spencer believes it. This shouldn’t be a surprise; by now all five of these girls have become expert liars. Yet somehow Spencer can’t tell that Hanna is lying. Hanna tears up and confesses to Spencer in a practice run, but when she finishes her story, she cracks a smile and turns to Caleb saying:

HANNA: See, she believes it. And if she believed even for a minute…

Meanwhile in shipper land, it’s starting to look like one, or more, of our favorite couples are going to end up back together. A large part of this week’s episode is the unraveling of current relationships. Not only is Spencer jealous of Hanna and Caleb, but Aria and Liam are also on the rocks, and Jordan doesn’t seem to understand that Hanna values her friends.

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Still, this all feels like filler to get to the finale.

The one part of the story that has me anxious for next week is Jessica DiLaurentis’ visit to Alison in the hospital. Ali’s mom is dead, so, naturally, she’s convinced she’s dreaming or hallucinating from her medication. Her mother says some comforting and yet creepy words and then after Ali falls asleep she gets up and uses the door.

Since when do ghosts use doors?

This is a hat trick that Pretty Little Liars may have pulled one too many times before. The whole scene is reminiscent of the season one episode when Hanna gets hit by the car. Alison “appears” to her in a candy striper’s uniform. A part of me feels like this is the point of the episode. We are supposed to watch five minutes to focus on this. Ali’s first words when she visits Hanna are “Did You Miss Me?,” also the title of this episode.

I. Marlene King has been teasing that someone has a twin, and it’s hard not to wonder if it’s Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin. The DiLaurentis family already sounds like they came out of a Shirley Jackson novel, so I can’t say another secret relative would be surprising.

Stray Thoughts

  • Please give Emily something to do. I know she had the bit with her eggs earlier this season, but she is capable of more than just giving Mona a stern talking to.
  • Really, a Spaleb flashback now? I am sure this relationship is going to disintegrate the minute that Hanna and Jordan break up. Yes, it is a heartwarming story about a painting he liked, but did it really serve any purpose in the larger arc of story?
  • Eliot is not doing himself any favors! He continues to act as sketchy as possible and lets be honest; why would A choose to include a creepy card in a bouquet?
  • Mona and Sarah Harvey’s showdown is about the most substantial character development for Sarah since it was revealed that she was working with Charlotte. If something isn’t revealed in the finale concerning Sarah, I am going to get really fed up with her character.
  • The scene where Ezra writes about his guilt over Nicole’s disappearance just shows that they’re paving the way for Ezria to get back together.
  • Lucas has gone from a brooding teenager to a nice young man. He offers Hannah a factory so that she can start her own fashion brand with a million dollar line of credit. Lucas and Hannah are now on my list of friendship goals.
  • That last scene, where they brake the text into binary and show it whizzing through the wi-fi, felt really out of place and unnecessary. I would rather they cut to A’s phone and show A doing something ominous.
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What did you think of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Do you have a twin theory you want to share?

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