Grey’s Anatomy Review: All Eyez on Me (Season 12 Episode 13)

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This episode of Grey’s Anatomy strives to make you remember why you hated high school. In an hour that, at first, looks like it will be about a cutting edge procedure; the plot feels formulaic and tired. It’s hard not to watch it and think: “I’ve seen this episode before.”

We open with Callie, Meredith, Jackson, Bailey, and Jo doing a test-run of an experimental procedure on a cadaver. About three minutes of exposition intercut the practice run until we pull back and find that they doctors have removed a leg. The result is something resembling a flamingo, but the odd change will help a veteran live a full life after being diagnosed with bone cancer in his pelvis.

Callie wants to do a couple more practice runs, but things take a turn when the patient is in an accident. The Grey-Sloan dream team gets into a van and heads to a military hospital.

What plays out is a bit of a let down. About fifteen minutes into the episode, you start to realize that you’ve seen this before. The doctors face some resistance in the beginning and they go in strong. Then, just like every other impossible surgery, someone has doubts. Callie rushes out the room saying that she doesn’t think she can do it. It’s not her confidence, it’s the bone and she isn’t sure she can work with it.

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These scenes immediately made me think of Derek with the spinal cord tumor and Amelia with Herman’s tumor last season. Really? Isn’t this self-proclaimed team of miracle workers a little more seasoned?

Also, can the doctors start playing chess in the on-call room instead of sleeping with their coworkers? Because the whole freezing in the middle of a procedure before they pull their own fat out of the fire and come up with a solution shtick is getting old.

Meanwhile, a group of cheerleaders come into the OR when one move in their routine goes wrong. Most of the injuries are broken arms and concussions, but the dialogue and drama quickly overrun the amazing procedure happening off-site.

Every bit of this story-line reads stereotypical high school drama. The Captain is like a cross between Regina George in Mean Girls and Torrance in Bring it On. In the end, the cheer-leading buzz just serves to give the doctors a chance to reminisce over high school and how much they hated it.

Speaking of which: How old are these doctors? They’ve been out of the high for a while and they are all accomplished professionals. Do they really need to reminisce right then? Isn’t this something shows usually do when someone is going to a reunion?

We need more character driven episodes for this series, or at least someone new to shake things up a bit. This show is at its best when the doctors are learning something. Grey-Sloan is supposed to be a teaching hospital, after all. We may be in the minority here, but maybe give a few of the Residents a chance to shine in their own right.

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Stray Thoughts:

  • Karev continues to be the voice of reason on this show. This man has come a long way from calling Meredith a nurse in the first episode.
  • DeLuca’s face when Maggie finally decides to go public! If it comes out he has some sort of secret family then it’s safe to say Maggie is walking in her big sister’s footsteps.
  • Oh yeah! Bailey is trying to fix Meredith up. It’s hard to imagine but it has been over a year since McDreamy’s death on the show. You have to remember that “She’s Leaving Home” encompassed almost a whole year while Meredith was pregnant with Ellis. I think Meredith has earned the right to date a little. She can’t be “The Widow Grey” forever.
  • Ben made a boneheaded move and showed some bravado in the psych ward. After Bailey reprimanded him she let her friendly curiously get the better of her and demanded to know how he did it. The pros of cons and working with your spouse, outlined in one two-minute clip.
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