Pretty Little Liars Review: Where Somebody Waits for Me (Season 6 Episode 16)

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If old habits die hard, then Pretty Little Liars needs a breath of fresh air. “Where Somebody Waits for Me” marks six episodes into the five years forward, and I am struck by how much history seems to be repeating itself in Rosewood, PA.

These episodes have revolved around the secrets surrounding the new A-who-is-definitely-not-A-but-uses-the-same-playbook-as-the-old-A! If we shuffle the deck and recast the Liars as older versions of  themselves, Ali as Mrs. DeLaurentis, and Charlotte as Ali you are looking at almost the same scenario as season one. Detective Tanner even says:

All the time you and your friends weren’t here, no murders, but when everyone gets together. I think that’s a very interesting statistic,don’t you?

This episode seems to throw around a lot of the same usual suspects. Now, I am sure that they all have a motive to kill Charlotte, but do any of them seem like the type to dish out their own revenge?

Let’s start with the obvious suspect, Sara Harvey. Let me point out an obvious similarity: Sarah is the new Jenna. I was honestly half expecting one the Liars to start referring to the injury to Sara’s hand as “The Sarah Thing.” You know, the same way the accident that blinded Jenna Marshall a year before the series began was called The Jenna Thing?

Like Jenna was disabled, so is Sarah. Just like Jenna, Sarah also has a motive so painfully obvious that I doubt she is really the mastermind behind the whole thing. I feel like she got her revenge in the five-year gap by blasting Charlotte on the stand. Her dislike for Charlotte and the Liars radiates every scene she’s in, and if she can’t even type would she be capable of delivering a killing blow?

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Then there is Ezra. Remember all the tension about him being A? How Alison feared him and he had his own lair? Then he got shot by the black hoodie? No? That accounts for nothing? Clearly, once you’ve been suspected of being A once, your name is mud in Rosewood. Also, Ezra can sometimes like the most guilty person on the planet sometimes. A part of me wonders if he hasn’t just been penning some opus after all, many of the “coincidences” do seem to be a magnet for the Liars.

Melissa is another name that is sure to be the subject of next week. The murder weapon is metal, hollow, and with a rectangle cut out at the end. Could it be Melissa’s missing suitcase handle? Probably! Just remember, in the first season Melissa’s hockey stick was believed to be the murder weapon. While Melissa may have had cause to kill Charlotte, would she really kill two people after feeling guilty the first time?

Personally, I am looking squarely at Elliot Rollins. While he is being Saint Alison’s confidant, I can’t help but think that he had the most to gain with Charlotte out of the way, especially if he is interested in Ali. I see right through you Elliot and I don’t believe you for a second.

Now it’s time for a Spencer Hastings Moment!  As another point of interest in the case against Elliot Rowlings, Tanner brings up the phone call from a restaurant called The Two Crows restaurant that came into the landline at the DeLaurentis house that lasted three minutes. There’s an old joke:

Q: What do you call two crows on a branch?
A: Attempted Murder

Now you could say this means crowbar, but the joke is a play on words meaning the Cambridge Dictionary defining a group of crows as a murder but also homicide. There is also a term of venery that a gathering of a certain number of crows or magpies bodes murder. One version of the poem goes like this:

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a funeral
And four for birth

In this context the name Two Crows makes a lot of sense (mirth meaning joy) but the third crow for a funeral seems oddly timed. Allison was prepared for Charlotte’s happy home-coming and Elliot wanted to help. Could Tanner have caught on to Charlotte’s return encroaching on Elliot’s desire for Alison?

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Stray Thoughts:

  • Emily needs a break! If we make a list of horrible things that have befallen this girl it would make the other Liars destroyed relationships and moral dilemmas pale in comparison.
  • Spencer the Super Sleuth! Does this girl study Nancy Drew? How the heck does she possess knowledge of why there would be hidden room and the presence of dust being a sign of activity?
  • Mona! Mona! Mona! What can you say about Mona? Has she turned over a new leaf? Is she a conniving snake in the grass? Who knows!
  • Veronica and Spencer’s little “Let’s Address My Concern For You But Not Head On” discussion about her cancer was one of the most heartbreaking scenes to watch. Second came the Haleb break-up scene in New York, but it looks like they will slowly find their way back to each other so I can’t be that sad.
  • Best quote: “I need you to get a glass, because your girlfriend is drinking all by herself, and it’s really sad.” — Spencer to Caleb
  • What do you call the new A? “A” Redux? “A” Part Deux? A(nother)?
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What did you think of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Who has the most motive to see Charlotte dead? Leave a comment below.

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