Grey’s Anatomy: 22 Essential Japril Moments

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The upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy promises to tell us all the secrets of April Kepner and Jackson Avery’s relationship. The couple is currently going through a divorce, but things weren’t always so bleak when it came to Jackson and April.

The best friends turned lovers had lots of good times. Take a look at some of their best moments before you watch “Unbreak My Heart” this Thursday.

1. When they got drunk and slept together right before the Boards.

Who doesn’t remember this scene? “Moment of Truth” starts with some of the best student/teacher moments ever.

Hunt tells a nervous April to repeat the phrase: “I am a soldier” before she gets on the bus and Mark gives Avery some cash and tells him to eat salmon for dinner. Nowhere in any of the inspirational speeches was, “Sleep with one of your classmates.”

But how cute where they in the bar when Jackson defends her honor and then punches get thrown and a fight breaks out! Then after some embarrassment from Webber they scamper back to their room and we finally get a resolution to the unresolved sexual tension brewing between them.

2. And then April failed her Boards, and Jackson felt guilty.

After April realizes that she has broken a promise to Jesus, she flames out. During a break between sessions, she and Jackson have another tryst in the men’s room. Afterwards, it is revealed that she fails her Boards.

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Jackson thinks this fault, even though April says she doesn’t blame him. When Seattle revokes the only attending position she had left on the table she goes back to Ohio. But not for long.

3. April came back from Ohio and told Jackson she was revirginizing.

Grey's Anatomy April Kepner Ohio

Her time on the farm has made her rethink her relationship with God and she has begun revirginizing. Jackson isn’t stupid and he knows what it means.

JACKSON: Which is really your way of saying that you want to pretend that you and I never happened.

As you may expect, this made their relationship a little sour for a couple of episodes until she met Matthew.  Jackson can’t pretend that they never happened. This was then followed by a series of trysts in the on-call rooms. Of course, they tried to keep it casual.

JACKSON: I’m going to go get some coffee.
APRIL: I’m gonna go pray!

4. When April thought she was pregnant.

At one point during their relationship, April’s period was late. She had never been late before and took a pregnancy test. Jackson is all in, ready to marry April and raise their child together.

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However, April is a little too delighted, telling Jackson that they dodged a bullet and now they don’t have to get married. This hurt Jackson’s feelings, and he took it as a sign that maybe they shouldn’t be together.

5. When Matthew proposed and April couldn’t help but steal a glance at Jackson.

After some back and forth as to if she was choosing Jackson or Matthew, Matthew proposed to April in front of the entire hospital. She says yes but can’t help but glance at Jackson as she hugs Matthew.

6. Then she retook her Boards and passed.

Through this stage of their relationship, Jackson and April were always best friends. So when she was nervous about her board scores, Jackson was there for her and saw her do the cutest little happy dance.

7. When April thought Jackson was hurt in the bus explosion.

During a storm at the hospital, the doctors evacuated an overturned bus fighting against a fuel leak and a fire. They believed the got everyone, but Jackson stays behind after seeing a pink shoe. April noticed that Jackson wasn’t with them.

She panicked and rushed towards the bus, but was stopped by Matthew shortly before the bus exploded. Then when he emerges carrying the small child she looks relieved. All of this emotion is just cemented by Ingrid Michaelson’s “Without You” in the background.

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