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7 Things We Can’t Wait To See in Broad City Season 4

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Nomo TV FOMO, ladies and gentlemen. Broad City Season 4 finally hits our small screens tonight.

The tone and themes will be fresh and new, but don’t worry, our favorite Jewesses, their comedy, and their crazy antics will remain the same. So, relax, scan through our list, and figure out which of these items also excite you for season 4.

1. Ilana and Abbi’s Origin Story

We’ve always seen what happened after the big-bang that was Ilana and Abbi’s first meeting. However, we never got to see how the women, who are the epitome of #BestFriendGoals, met each other. Well, this season will be our chance, and it turns out, it’s just as beautiful as we imagined.

2. Sex Therapy, Snow, and Self-Reflection
broad city season 4
Ilana talking to Abbi about her weed carrying habits

Broad City Season 4 will see a huge shift in theme, due to the literal winter and the metaphorical winter that has blitzed America since Trump’s election. In their interview at Comic-Con, the ladies explain that not only will this season treat Trump’s name as a curse word, but it will show the effects that the 2016 election has had from Ilana and Abbi’s perspectives.

Ilana will be so pressed for the release of Trump era stress that she’ll have to go to a sex therapist to figure out how to experience the big O again. Orgasm, not Obama (although the intended metaphor is still there).

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3. Rupaul and More On The Star-Studded Guest List

Yaassss, Drag Queen! RuPaul will also make his appearance on the show this season. He’ll grace our screens along with Fran Dresher, Wanda Sykes, Shania Twain and Steve Buscemi. There could be some other great appearances this season, but this is all we could grab from Ilana and Abbi’s social media feeds.

4. Hot Boxing and Politicking
broad city season 4
Ilana smoking

In the Broad City Season 4 trailer, Ilana and Abbi get animated, literally. After they take a couple of hits of some new drug, the queens begin to animate and function in this new cartoon world. Additionally, the trailer shows another scene where Ilana, a security guard?, blows some weed right in the face of a Planned Parenthood protestor.

So, from these scenes, we can tell that at least that some things will remain wonderfully the same this season. Ilana and Abbi will be doing miscellaneous jobs, politics will still play a role in their stories and the ladies are toking more than ever.

5. The Trip To Florida Where It’s Hot, Humid and Beautiful

In the wake of Irma, Ilana and Abbi’s impromptu trip to Florida with Abbi’s brother will be more than welcome. The ladies and lad will probably desperately need a get-a-way from the winter’s drab effect on their spirits. And what’s better than Florida, the alternatively hottest place in America?

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In the trailer, they relax in the palm trees, serve in their humid hair-do’s and poke fun at the state’s gun control laws. This episode should serve as the perfect break from the other darker themes we’ll see this season.

6. Abbi and Trey’s Situationship
broad city season 4
Trey and Abbi on their first date

So, all we can see in the trailer for Broad City Season 4 is Abbi and Trey banging one out in what looks like a linen closet? This is a weird scene, since the last time we saw these two, Trey was walking away defeated after he heard Abbi say he was just a joke. It’s awesome that the two made up. We can’t wait to see how it happened and just where their situationship is now.

Clearly, they both decided to either keep their relationship secret or casual. Maybe both?

7. Ilana and Lincoln Being Weird With Each Other Once Again

For many reasons, I believe Ilana and Lincoln should be together forever. So, I’m more than excited to see Hannibal Buress in the Broad City Season 4 trailer. I’m also spazzing out at the thought that they will be together again, if only for one night. They’re soul mates, whether they know it now or not.

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What are you guys excited to see in this season on Broad City? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

broad city season 4
Ilana excitedly talking to Abbi

Broad City airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.

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