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15 Essential Ships of Summer TV 2017

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It used to be that summer was an endless desert of boredom for the avid TV shipper. Making it to fall TV required re-watching DVDs and paying up for frequent trips to the movie theaters.

Now, summer is a time for TV shippers to rejoice! 2017 was a tough summer for many reasons, including those unrelated to waiting for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to return, but we made it through with the help of some excellent summer ships.

Here are Tell-Tale TV’s 15 Essential Ships of Summer TV 2017.

1. Victims of Unsynchronized Passion Summer Ship: Liza & Charles, Younger

Every summer needs a ship that makes you groan with a mix of frustration and desire. Liza and Charles on the summer series Younger have certainly hit the mark for the almost get-together!

We think it is finally going to happen and then, boom, it’s just a dream. Boom, it’s a janitor. Boom, it’s Josh’s fist. We know we’re not the only ones tortured and tantalized by the ever mounting anticipation, screaming at our screen “Dear God, Just Let Them Bang!”

Still, the chemistry and eye sex between the two continues to bring the #TeamCharles shippers to the yard. As Younger Season 4 comes to a close, the obstacles facing the couple, including an ex-wife who has her heart set on a reunion, and Liza’s status as Charles’s subordinate, seem almost impossible to overcome.

But, we’re excited to watch them try. And then rewind and watch them again and again and again.

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2. Happily Ever After Summer Ship: Cosima & Delphine, Orphan Black

Cosima and Delphine’s romance has been full of drama. From near deaths to betrayals and STEM genius partnerships, it has been an exhilarating love story. It’s heartening and somehow poetic to see that at the series close, Cosima and Delphine are safe and happy, but have not lost the adventure and craving for scientific discovery that brought them so close throughout the series.

Our final images of them are flirty, sensual, and smart: the couple teasing each other as they fly across the world saving the lives of Leda clones. It’s a fitting and hard-won happily ever after for the stand-out ship of Orphan Black.

3. Hottest Summer Ship: Josh & Clare, Younger

Quite literally, Josh and Clare were this summer’s hottest ship. On Younger Season 4 Episode 9, “The Incident at Pound Ridge,” a spicy date night ends with Josh placing his jalapeño-ed penis in a yogurt cup. Luckily for us shippers, this mishap doesn’t prevent Josh and Clare’s connection from heating up.

Clare’s witty and laid-back personality is a perfect match for Josh’s whimsical vibe. She would be a kick-ass member of the dodge-ball team from Season One! They are sweet and spicy and that’s why they are an essential ship from summer 2017.

4. Snarky, Shippable Summer Kiss: Billy & Todd, Difficult People

Billy is an acerbic and hot-headed actor who meets his match in ad exec Todd, played by the sexy John Cho. Throughout the episode “Rabbitversary,” Billy and Todd exchange low blows, including an ad campaign featuring the title “Face of Syphilis” next to Billy’s head shot.

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When the two meet on the streets of New York, both en route to the other’s workplace to enact the same exact heinous prank, they realize how much they have in common and their fight turns into a sensational first kiss. The kiss is simultaneously sexy and hilarious. We hope it is one of many shippable scenes to come for this couple.

5. Summer Ship Heard Round the World: Jon Snow & Daenerys, Game of Thrones

#Jonerys is a ship that managed to sail while the couple literally sailed. The aunt and nephew shared a rather wordless and intense ship rocking session, while Bran narrated the event, to the horror of many viewers, such as myself.

Whether the incestuous nature of this ship eclipses the chemistry, or you find Jon’s full mooning to suit your shipping fancy, we can all agree that this ship is big. The canon prophecies, the talk of babies and fertility and the throne that is at stake for this ship, make it absolutely essential for summer 2017, even if it also makes you want to gag.

6. Across Alternative Universes Summer Ship: Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught, Wynonna Earp

Nothing can get in the way of #WayHaught’s love. Not a hot-tubbing revenant, not the discovery of a wife, not even an alternate universe where Wynonna never lived. This ship is so drawn to each other that all of the baggage in the world, or worlds, can not draw them apart.

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We love to see each of their lusty embraces and longing looks. We’re even intrigued to know what Nicole may be hiding because we are firm in our belief that this ship will weather any storm.

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