Beau Smith Talks ‘Wynonna Earp’ and Working With Emily Andras [Video]

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Beau Smith, the creator of Wynonna Earp, sat down with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about watching the show develop in the capable hands of Emily Andras and discovering that Melanie Scrofano, the lead of the show, was pregnant.

As soon as the cameras were rolling at San Diego Comic-Con, Smith couldn’t help but show how much love he has for Emily Andras, the executive producer of Wynonna Earp.

“Creatively, she has given me more respect for than I ever deserved for doing the comic. I mean, she took the only two things I asked for when this was all happening. I said, ‘Please make the character and the characters likeable, and don’t lose the humor. Those are the kind of things for the Wynonna Earp that I want.’ And Emily…that’s actually what attracted her to the property in the first place. Not only did she take the loaf of bread that I gave her, she made sandwiches and fed everybody,” Smith said.

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WYNONNA EARP — Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy

And at the end of day, he’s just grateful for the fans and the family he’s made with the cast of Wynonna Earp.

“I will always be in Emily’s debt for so many things, and I’m just so thankful it wasn’t a bar tab, because I would be broke-ass poor now.”

One of the most surprising aspects of Season 2 was Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy. And Smith was only worried for about half an hour until he realized that this was Emily Andras behind the wheel.

“When we first found out, I’m gonna give you my honest answer, a typical cliché answer because I’ve seen it happen with so many TV shows, I was just like, ‘Uh oh. Oh gosh, what are they gonna do?’ And to be honest with you, I started reading through the stuff, and about an hour later, I said, ‘You know…this is Emily. This isn’t your usual clichéd show runner and writer.'”

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Check out the full interview with Beau Smith:

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