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Omar Miller Talks HBO’s ‘Ballers’ and ‘Advantage Omar’ [Exclusive Interview]

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If you take a look at Omar Miller’s resume, you’ll see a recurring theme — travel and sports.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Miller about sports, his passion for travel, Advantage Omar, and HBO’s Ballers.

“That is one of the cool things about Ballers,” he told me. “It reflects my real life passions. It fits great.” On Ballers, Miller costars with Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry as Charles Greane, a former NFL player.

“He’s been in flux ever since he retired from football and got involved in the front office,” Miller said.

The series, which was recently picked up for a fourth season, continues to be HBO’s top rated comedy. Miller said that anyone who has been hesitant to get into the series can feel secure in investing their time now.

Game of Thrones is giving us a new base,” he noted. “It doesn’t get bigger than Game of Thrones.”

Viewers hoping to catch up before the third season finale can do so easily. The thirty minute run time makes it “short and sweet with a lot of eye candy,” said Miller, who suggested that it’s easy to binge watch the show while flying this summer.

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Omar Miller 11
Omar Miller 

And if there’s one thing Omar Miller knows about, its travel. The actor used to host Esquire Network’s travel series Weekend Fix and now he’s currently hosting Advantage Omar — covering the destination highlights of all four grand slam tournaments for the Tennis Channel.

Advantage Omar features Miller and his brother, Terry Miller, eating and drinking as they travel through London and Paris. The two also co-host the sports podcast O-Zone, which airs on LeBron James’ Uninterrupted channel.

“It’s two brothers having unfiltered conversations,” he told me.

“Working with family can be difficult. The gift and curse of having a big family is that you don’t get to choose them,” he said, referring to his six siblings. However, it’s his family that got him interested in travel.

“Dad was big on getting out and getting on the road,” Miller recalled. “He wanted to show us what the world has to offer.”

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Omar Miller
Omar Miller

And Miller has plenty of suggestions for novice travelers on what the world has to offer. He says those looking to get out of the country should try Canada or another English speaking country like South Africa, Australia, or England.

Those looking to stay inside the US should check out one of his favorite places — Miami, where he has shot both CSI: Miami and Ballers.  

The HBO show used to shoot all over Miami, giving it an authentic feel, he said. “It gives you an element of being able to retrace our steps,” he explained.

Miller also suggests that travelers give Louisiana a try.

“New Orleans is underrated,” he declared. “There’s so much more than Bourbon Street. You can lounge and eat. There’s night life, life music — everything but the beach.”

Be sure to catch Omar Miller on Ballers airing Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.

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