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On Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7, “The Wolf You Feed,” everything you think you know about Aneela and Dutch is blown to smithereens. As if that isn’t enough, the hour is full of flashbacks, Zeph character development, and D’av being a badass.

It’s an intense hour of TV, that’s for sure, and the best way for me to talk about this hour and dissect what happened is through quotes, so check out my top quotes from the episode. Be sure to share yours in the comments below!

Stealing a Ship

Johnny: Ship?

Lucy: Yes thief?

Johnny: Are we still alone?

Lucy: No thief.

Oh goodness, the unexpected upside of Dutch’s trip down Aneela memory lane is that she gets trapped in her own memory. I never knew how badly I needed to see Dutch and Johnny’s first meeting until now.

Before diving into all those emotions, can we take a minute to talk about Lucy and Johnny’s first meeting? It’s beyond hilarious. I love that Johnny addressed her as “ship,” and even though he was a thief, Lucy answers him.

Photo Courtesy of Syfy
A Queen and a Thief

Dutch: What do you want?

Johnny: I want to give you my hand, again, and ask you to trust me one more time because deep down inside, you always do.

Johnny has always looked out for Dutch and volunteered to go wherever she wants to go. Seriously, I’m fine.

All he knew about Dutch was she was the queen, but when he saw that she was covered in blood and obviously in trouble, he decided he would do whatever she needed. Granted, he was also getting a lift off of the planet, thus saving his own ass, but still, he took the time to comfort and assure her that he would help her.

To this day, this is Johnny and Dutch’s relationship. When she asks to go back into Aneela’s memories again, Johnny supports her, even though it is not for any kind of tactical advantage. No matter what the risk nor the motive behind her actions, Johnny will always support Dutch.

This is why after learning why she looks exactly like Aneela, Dutch’s first instinct is to hug Johnny. He’s her comfort, always has been. He makes her problems go away, even if it is just for a moment.

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It’s so great that we get the chance to see Dutch and Johnny’s first meeting and see just how deeply their bond has grown.

I’m a sucker for origin stories, so even though we did not get a full episode of Johnny and Dutch’s first flight together, I love that we caught a glimpse of how it all began.

This is also a great contrast to Dutch and D’av’s relationship. Johnny is there for Dutch, regardless of what happens to the mission, and D’av tries to keep Dutch on mission, making sure she is on her game because people are counting on her.

Mind. Blown.

Aneela: She’s the me I should have been if we never went to Arkyn. She’s your good wolf, Papa. Maybe now you can forgive me for not being good enough.

Wow, wow, wow, wow. There’s so much to unpack from this twist. There have been a lot of theories out there, but I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

Listen, I am not even going to try to understand how Dutch was pulled or attempt describe her relationship to Aneela, (alt!Aneela? Aneela’s younger self that was given free will and grew into a new person?) because my brain simply cannot process it.

I will say, as many questions as I have, this is a really good twist.

Not only do we learn just how special Aneela is — hello, she can PULL PEOPLE from the plasma memories, like how?? — the Aneela and Dutch dynamic, and this war, gets a lot more confusing and interesting.

Yes, the logistics are confusing, but the twist does so many wonderful things for the story and for Dutch and Aneela. Dutch has to completely re-evaluate who she is — she’s the person that she’s fighting, a version of herself is her arch nemesis. Then, on top of that, she has to re-evaluate who Aneela is.

Photo Courtesy of Syfy

My head is spinning just thinking about it. I’m beyond thrilled to see what’s next and to see how Dutch handles this information. Also, can you imagine Aneela finding out? Ahh, it’s going to be so amazing.

I’m not sure this twist can really make sense until Aneela knows because the only person who really understands what Aneela is capable of is Aneela, so, personally, I’m hoping that Aneela learns the truth sooner rather than later because I have so many questions.

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The Heart of a Leader

Fancy: War’s a bitch.

D’av: Yeah but you usually aren’t.

D’av steps up big time in Dutch’s absence. It’s up to him to unite the troops, find pilots, and convince the cleansed that they can trust him. It’s no easy task, but D’av knocks it out of the park.

It’s great to see D’av finally step into a role that he earns because of who he is, not because there’s plasma in his veins or because he’s one of Dutch’s partners. No, D’av is the leader of the army because he inspired loyalty among a whole lot of people, including the cleansed and the Ferran.

D’av did that all on his own, and I’m excited to see him in a leadership role, commanding an entire army. I have a feeling we’re going to see a different side of D’av, and I’m all for it.

Is anyone else thinking D’av being the leader and fulfilling his duties to the army is going to conflict with whatever the hells Dutch and Johnny get up to? I sure am.

KILLJOYS — “The Wolf You Feed” Episode 307 — Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy
Bravo, Zeph

Johnny: You pulled a Jaqobis special.

Zeph: What?

Johnny: You disobeyed her just enough to keep Dutch safe. You stole my move.

Zeph sure has come a long way from the new nerd we met on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2. She does not just think about being right or completing the mission.

She obeys Dutch’s orders, but she remembers Johnny’s advice, and she looks out for Dutch, even though it means disobeying her, slightly. I have never been more proud of Zeph.

Zeph has grown so much since her introduction, and she’s solidified her position as a member of the team, even after the war is done. I even think Johnny would want her to stick around. Don’t you think?

Plus, it’s been really nice to see Dutch interact with another woman. We need some female friendships on this show, and Zeph and Dutch are fantastic to watch.

KILLJOYS — “The Wolf You Feed” Episode 307 — Pictured: (l-r) Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin, Sean Baek as Fancy Lee — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy)
Honorable Mentions:
  • Aneela: “All girls are filled with magic, so bit by bit, day by day, year by year, the girl saved her magic and hid it from the man until she could escape her tower.”
  • Johnny: “Okay, don’t think like you, Johnny. Think Zeph — peppy, obnoxious, obsessed with being right, tech hating, bio-snob.”
  • Khlyen: “No one can live with a heart that’s at war with with itself, Aneela. If you want to feel whole, let go.”
  • Aneela: “Sometimes, when I’m very alone, I visit our old memories over and over in the green. You were so kind to me back then before you were you. After a while, watching wasn’t enough.”
  • Johnny: “What’s this, math? You’re coming at me with math, Zephyr? You better come correct.”
  • D’av: “How? I’m not the tit whisperer.”
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