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Arrow: 6 Characters Who Could Be Vigilante

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Arrow Season 5 was a great season of television. The veteran CW drama returned to what fans loved about it when it began, villains without powers trying to destroy Star City. While Prometheus was the season’s main villain, there was a second thorn in the side of Team Arrow: Vigilante.

The masked individual hit the streets like Team Arrow, but he leaves no one alive. A high level of violence is what led Team Arrow to track down this adversary, but unfortunately for viewers, Vigilante’s identity was never revealed.

Interestingly enough, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim said: “You can probably expect that whoever is behind that mask is a face that is familiar to you,” so I chose six characters who could be the face underneath that mask.

Captain Pike

After making one appearance in both Season 3 and 4, Captain Pike returned for several last season. What lands the veteran officer on this list is not solely his reappearance on Arrow, but a decision he made regarding The Green Arrow.

During Arrow Season 5 Episode 14, “The Sin-Eater,” he helps The Green Arrow take down some villains, even though he is accused of several crimes, including the murder of a Detective. Now if we circle back to earlier in the series, Pike had extremely strong feelings about Quentin Lance being involved with Team Arrow in any form.

A lot has happened in Star City since then, which could have led Pike to soften on the city’s vigilantes or he could be suiting up as Vigilante himself. After all watching as your entire city hurdle towards complete destruction could change a few things, especially when your job is to keep the city safe. Team Arrow has had its share of victories, ones that the police form would not be capable of, so suiting up could be the answer for Captain Pike.

Plus, last we saw Captain Pike he was in a coma after an attack from Prometheus, which happened the episode after Vigilante’s last appearance.

Dorian Chase

The phrase “a face that is familiar to” viewers got me thinking about Dorian Chase. The character Dorian Chase is known to comic book fans as a character who suits up as Vigilante.

On the show, viewers meet versions of characters from different Earths, so the secret twin brother twist doesn’t seem like a stretch. The move would keep Josh Segarra, who played Prometheus last season, on the show. After all Segarra’s face would be one familiar to the viewers, just not the character he’s playing.

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While the last name may not end up being Chase, Adrian Chase was an alias after all, Dorian would be an interesting choice for Vigilante. Two brothers who strongly dislike Oliver Queen for his activities as The Arrow, but go about it in very different ways.

Dorian, understanding that his father was a bad guy, could be suiting up to take out his anger on other bad guys. In an effort to undermine Oliver and Team Arrow while making sure bad men, like his own father, don’t flourish in Star City, Dorian hits the streets.

Or maybe I just want a reason to keep Segarra on the show because he was brilliant as Prometheus on Arrow.

Tommy Merlyn

This may be wishful thinking, but Malcolm Merlyn is the type of wildcard to make it possible. Grief for his son’s death could have outweighed rational thought, which could cause the longtime villain to put his own son in The Lazarus Pit.

When Thea and Laurel showed up to bring Sara back to life, Malcolm was very adamant that they do not put her in the mystical waters, which could have been because he got burned when he brought Tommy back.

Some would argue it was because of Thea’s aftereffects from the pit, but he was happy to help her kill people to quench her bloodlust. Even if Malcolm warned Oliver about Thea’s bloodlust, it could be just that bloodlust that Malcolm thought Tommy was missing.

Tommy could have woken up to see just how much destruction has occurred in his city since his death. Between Laurel’s death and her Black Canary secret, he has valid reasons for wanting to clean up the streets in his own way. Armed with training from his father – Malcolm trained Thea after all – Tommy could be Vigilante. He’d be killing people to clean up his city and keep his own bloodlust in check.

Then there are all of the possible storylines. Oliver would have to confront his best friend. Thea could have an actual relationship with the brother he didn’t know about before his death.

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Walter Steele

After watching short-lived CBS drama Limitless, I saw Colin Salmon in a new light. While he played the soft-spoken and loyal Walter Steele on Arrow, on Limitless he was the vicious and brutal fixer Jarrod Sands.

Oliver Queen doesn’t have much left in the way of family, so Walter Steele being Vigilante could bring a new dynamic into the Queen family. I know if I were kidnapped and held hostage for months, I would absolutely learn to fight as soon as I were free.

While he may not have figured it all out when he was inside the family, hindsight and the major events of the series, including Moira’s death, could have clued Walter into what’s been happening in Star City.

Last we saw him, Walter was bailing Oliver out when he was in charge of Queen Consolidated, so it would be nice to have Colin Salmon back on Arrow.

McKenna Hall

Now McKenna Hall may not be the returning Season 1 character Stephen Amell mentioned, but his statement got me thinking about McKenna Hall.

During the first season of Arrow, the cops were hunting Oliver, so when Hall, an old flame of Oliver’s, joined the hunt the situation became more difficult and complicated. Unfortunately, her job put her in the Huntress’ crosshairs leading to a severe injury that required serious rehab, which sent her away from Starling City, as it was known at the time, and her boyfriend Oliver.

Now imagine you worked hard to get yourself healthy again to see rumors of your ex-boyfriend potentially being The Green Arrow, which means he’s connected to the woman who hurt you in the first place.

McKenna may not be the season one character returned, but she sure as hell has a reason to suit up and kick some ass in Star City. Especially doing so in a way that has nothing to do with The Green Arrow.

Plus Sleepy Hollow and True Blood fans know actress Janina Gavankar is up for kicking ass as Vigilante.

Billy Malone

Star City is a dangerous place and last season Billy Malone learned that the hard way. Tyler Ritter joined The CW series as Star City cop Billy, who was also Felicity’s new boyfriend.

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Initially, he was a secret Felicity kept from Team Arrow while she was busy keeping her nighttime activities from Billy. It was complicated and messy, but Team Arrow’s hacker did alright…until she spilled the beans to Billy about working with The Green Arrow herself. Soon, he was brought into season villain Prometheus’ plan for Oliver and killed as a result.

For the Billy Malone-Vigilante conspiracy, we need to go back to Felicity’s confession. If you’re secretly Vigilante and your girlfriend says she’s on Team Arrow, then faking your death may be a potential course of action. We didn’t know who Prometheus was at that point and looking back he was in the perfect position to help.

Plus, Arrow loves a shocking return, and if Billy is Prometheus, it would surely shock Felicity.

Who do you think is Vigilante? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Arrow returns Thursday, October 12th to The CW.

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  • I think Vigilante will be unmasked as Floyd lawton AKA Deadshot. I think this because when Diggle was in prison in S5 ep 4, he had a conversation with Deadshot in a hallucination and it wouldn’t make sense to bring him back then unless he was to play some sort of major role in the later episodes/series + Vigilante’s voice is similar to that of Deadshot’s, Also the way he shot a bullet straight down the shaft of an arrow fired at him when he confronted team Arrow outside the bank back in the episode titled “Vigilante” shows he is on the same level of ‘expert’ precision as Deadshot. It’s just a theory though – I may be completely wrong. 🙂 I’m excited for the reveal though 😀 Edit : Also I have read that in the upcoming season (S6), Each member of team arrow will have their own villain to deal with – Oliver will have Anatoly, Black canary will have Black Siren, And someone else in the team will have vigilante – Could it be Diggle? If so then it would make sense for it to be Deadshot given their past and the fact that Deadshot killed Digg’s brother. I’ll try and add more to this to further support and give credence to my theory.
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