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The Mist Review: Pequod (Season 1 Episode 4)

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There’s definitely something in the mist.

A shadowy mist monster makes its appearance on The Mist Season 2 Episode 4 “Pequod” much to the dismay of everyone in the mall.

So it seems the mist picks and chooses who it wants to kill. Ted and the little girl lose their lives, but Alex gets away. And not just gets away — the mist monster let her go which is a whole different ballgame.

It’s unclear at this point why it let her go, but we finally have something more than just a white mist hovering around making people crazy. Now we know there’s something in it that makes being trapped by it even scarier.

Not only do people have to deal with each other, they have to deal with a monster. Right now there’s no way out and no way to fight because no one understands what’s happening and why.

There has to be some reason why it’s in Bridgeville. We’re already on the fourth episode, and we’re not getting any closer to understanding what it’s all about.

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It’s difficult not to get involved in the drama happening everywhere in the small town. There’s not one storyline on this show that isn’t compelling. I’m on the edge of my seat from the beginning of the hour until the end. Yes, it’s that good.

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The mall situation is getting worse.  People are too afraid to stand up for what’s right. Their sense of right and wrong is skewed, and they are losing their humanity.

Different is not something you want to be, and Alex has different stamped all over her. The main group already threw someone out of the mall, so it’s very likely that she could be next. Granted, it wouldn’t be for the same reasons, but people are acting irrationally, and it’s only going to get worse.

It’s not much better at the church. Natalie has definitely gone crazy, but the priest is even worse. It’s embarrassing to watch him give his speeches. He needs to sit down, shut up, and stop being so holier-than-thou.

He talks about not being judgmental, but he’s the most judgmental one in the place. It’s annoying, and I really wish the spider would have attacked him and eaten him alive.

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He’s not God and everyone needs to stop taking everything he says as Gospel. What’s wrong with these people? Can’t they think on their own?

As nutty as Natalie is, she seems to have a deeper understanding of what is happening.

She’s in tune with nature, and nature is telling her it’s pretty pissed off. She’s trying to find answers while everyone else is on their knees praying for salvation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but wouldn’t you want to be proactive and try to find a solution to the problem?

Connor has become a different guy now that he doesn’t have his gun to hide behind. He’s not into the priest’s hokey pokey and chooses to be on Natalie’s side.  It’s strange, but it’s good for Natalie. She needs someone on her side when the churchy ones decide to throw her out because she doesn’t fit their style.

The mist continues to spread terror throughout Bridgeville, but is the terror really the monster in the mist or the monsters the people themselves are becoming?

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