Melissa Ponzio Talks Teen Wolf at San Diego Comic-Con

Melissa Ponzio on Melissa McCall, Love, and ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B [Video]

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We caught up with Teen Wolf‘s Melissa Ponzio at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about Melissa McCall, what her future holds when it comes to love, and Teen Wolf Season 6B.

As the mother of Scott McCall, the alpha of Beacon Hills, her duties extend past the limitations of the show.

To many of her Twitter followers she’s Mama McCall, a listening ear when they have no one else. While others might buckle under the responsibility, she doesn’t see it as a burden at all.

“I find a great responsibility [in being a listening ear], and I take that very seriously,” Ponzio said.

And she knows that not everyone tells the truth online. It’s the internet after all. But Ponzio doesn’t want to risk missing out on an opportunity to help someone in need.

“When a perceived child is going through something and they say something to you, ‘What am I gonna do? My mom just died. I feel like nobody loves me. Or I just came out to my dad and he hasn’t spoken to me for a week.’ I find those moments…I want to believe them to be truthful. And I find a lot of responsibility when somebody’s typing that in 140 characters because they don’t have anybody else to talk to.”

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Melissa Ponzio Talks Teen Wolf at San Diego Comic-Con 2
Melissa Ponzio Talks Teen Wolf at San Diego Comic-Con

When we last left Melissa she was planting one on Chris in the midst of a battle against the Ghost Riders.

We’re not going to be left hanging when it comes to that kiss. Ponzio teased that they’ll address the kiss and how before Melissa/Argent became a thing, she kind of had hopes for Melissa and the Sheriff.

“I gotta tell you, before we had the storyline of Argent and Mama McCall, I had kind of put it into Jeff’s mind [that] wouldn’t it be really great if the last scene was the Sheriff and Mama McCall kinda trotting down the hall. They get into that elevator and somebody pushes that button. And as the doors close you see them [turn and] make a kissy face [at each other]. That would’ve been amazing.”

Check out the full interview below:

Teen Wolf returns Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c on MTV.

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