From ‘Dead Like Me’ to ‘American Gods’: 37 Formidable Women of the Fullerverse

From ‘Dead Like Me’ to ‘American Gods’: 37 Formidable Women of the Fullerverse

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The women of Bryan Fuller’s television universe are a diverse range of complex individuals.

Whether they are adaptations from books or his own creation, gods or mortals, dead or alive, they always entertain—running the gamut of comedic to dramatic portrayals and everything in between.

Let’s take a look at the characters Fuller has lovingly bestowed upon us lucky viewers.

1. Jaye Tyler, Wonderfalls
Wonderfalls Season 1
Wonderfalls Season 1

Jaye is apathetic and misanthropic to a fault, but it somehow makes her more likeable. Self-sabotaging her way into a dull and lonely future, inanimate objects start talking to her, forcing her to reveal her true altruistic nature. She commendably maintains her sarcasm and cynicism (and keeps her sanity) in the face of her good deeds and love story.

Played By: Caroline Dhavernas
Fun Fact: Jaye was voted ‘Most Likely to be Over-educated and Unemployed’ in high school.
Quote: The universe sticks its hand up my butt, and if I don’t dance people get hurt.

2. Georgia “George” Lass, Dead Like Me
Dead Like Me Season 1
Dead Like Me Season 1

George is a lot like Jaye. She is apathetic, but not really sure why she’s that way. It took dying, initiation into grim reaper-dom, and a mundane temp job for her to start thinking about it. She referred to her life before her death as “rudderless.” We get to watch her navigate these new waters, and learn to steer her own ship.

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Played By: Ellen Muth
Fun Fact: Her favorite food is waffles. (However, she does have oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, quite frequently.)
Quote: I am Hamlet, and everybody dies.

3. Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 4
Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 4

The character of Chuck could very easily stray into Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory, but Fuller avoids that by giving her depth and autonomy in this fanciful, romantic crime show. Faced with heavy life and death issues ever since her resurrection, Chuck heroically lightens the macabre of her reality and of those around her.

Played By: Anna Friel
Fun Fact: She once served as a stay-at-home juror for a paraplegic judge.
Quote: Love doesn’t need all the right ingredients, it’s heartier than that.

4. Laura Moon, American Gods
American Gods Season 1 Episode 2
American Gods Season 1 2017

Laura is a character that you either love or love to hate. (Although, there may be a number of people who just flat-out hate her.) Regardless of your feelings towards her, she is eliciting a reaction. Laura embodies many of the complicated and problematic facets of the human condition. Like Chuck and George, she is of the undead variety which changes her perspective on life (and death), thus carving out interesting story arcs.

Played By: Emily Browning
Fun Fact: Laura has died twice in car crashes.
Quote: Life is just not that interesting.

5. Dr. Alana Bloom, Hannibal
Hannibal Season 3 Episode 7
Hannibal Season 3 Episode 7

Alana is manipulated a lot, but never loses her goodness. Even being thrown out of a window (or being the victim of defenestration, to use Hannibal-esque vernacular), doesn’t break her spirit. She overcomes stiff obstacles and ends up stronger because of them. She, deservedly, gets her happy ending in the series finale. (At least, we are hoping.)

Played By: Caroline Dhavernas
Fun Fact: The character is based on the male character, Alan Bloom, in the book, Red Dragon.
Quote: I don’t need religion to appreciate the idea of Old Testament revenge.

6. Olive Snook, Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 4
Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 4

Doomed by an unrequited love, Olive continues to be a ray of sunshine. She fends off bitterness, but not without depicting the difficulties in doing so. She is not unrealistically good, but not unkind either. Olive has her feelings and she feels them, unabashedly.

Played By: Kristin Chenoweth
Fun Fact: Olive has read the entire Harlequin library.
Quote: Wouldn’t it just be rock ‘n roll if liking someone meant they had to like you back? ‘Course that would be a different universe and something else would probably suck.

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