Molly Bernard and Miriam Shor

Molly Bernard and Miriam Shor Talk Fierce Women and ‘Younger’ Season 4 [Exclusive Interview]

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TV Land’s Younger has an incredible cast of characters, and they’ll all be returning to our screens this Wednesday for a shocking season premiere.

I recently spoke with Younger‘s Molly Bernard and Miriam Shor during the ATX Television Festival about the upcoming season, their characters, and the show’s strong women.

Both Shor and Bernard discussed what makes each of their characters, Diana and Lauren, so unique.

“I feel like they’re both strong women who are motivated and maybe go too far,” Shor laughed. “But it’s just because they believe in themselves.”

“Exactly. They love themselves unconditionally, and I think that’s pretty fierce,” Bernard added.

Younger Panel during the 2017 ATX Festival Season 6 on Saturday June 10, 2017 in Austin, TX. (Photo by: Waytao Shing)
Younger Panel during the 2017 ATX Festival Season 6 on Saturday June 10, 2017 in Austin, TX. (Photo by: Waytao Shing)

Shor also gave us a hint about what we might see from those characters in Season 4.

“You do get to, in this season, really see some of their insecurities come out and see them grapple with that. It’s really fun to play such a strong person who is tripped up by things,” Shor said of Diana.

“Our show is so fun and so watchable,” she continued. “But there’s always something more […] and the characters will have something more than what you assume.”

Bernard said something else that makes the show unique is that while we’re interested in Liza’s love life, that’s not really what the show is about.

“Our show has a really strong moral compass, I think. I loved Sex and the City, but I do feel that was a show about men and women, and those relationships, and this show is about friends. And yes there’s a love triangle, and yes it’s hot, but it’s a show about women and for women,” Bernard noted.

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“I always fight against this idea that a woman, in particular a woman alone, is somehow a sad, poor woman,” Shor added. “It’s interesting, because people worry, ‘what is that saying about a character if she chooses to be alone?’ And I think it says that she is strong enough to make a choice for herself, just like anyone. And it shouldn’t be revelatory.”

“Bachelors get to be called bachelors, and single women who are what, past twenty-nine are spinsters or whatever. There’s a negative connotation,” Bernard said.

And while the love story is something that keeps the audience engaged, much like writer and producer Alison Brown noted in a previous interview, Shor agreed that’s not the only thing that makes a good story.

“Storytelling doesn’t only have to follow that path. I think good storytelling absolutely deviates from that, and I think our show does,” Shor said.

Younger Panel during the 2017 ATX Festival Season 6 on Saturday June 10, 2017 in Austin, TX. (Photo by: Waytao Shing)
Younger Panel during the 2017 ATX Festival Season 6 on Saturday June 10, 2017 in Austin, TX. (Photo by: Waytao Shing)

Shor and Bernard each said one of the biggest challenges in playing Diana and Lauren respectively is staying true to their characters and making sure they are “real.”

“There is no wrong way to play a real person because real people are stranger than you could ever write a person, but you just want to stay true to that character,” Shor explained.

“Admittedly, I think sometimes I have to really stay on my game to make sure [Lauren] is real. Because she’s so fun, and she’s so over the top that she can be a caricature,” Bernard added.

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“I don’t think it has to do with the choices that these characters make or what they say or what they wear, because I do think there’s no strangeness that isn’t true. But you have to find the truth in it and then try to present that. That is a big challenge, because you could get a little lazy and lean back on how funny it is or how many necklaces I’m wearing in the moment,” Shor laughed.

Something Shor is able to identify with when it comes to her character is the way she responds to social media.

“I’m not on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or any of those things. I’m not anti-them, I just don’t have it. It’s not how I communicate and walk through the world. I have two young girls who are getting older, and so eventually I will be mom-stalking them, on whatever social media they choose to do, so I will get there, but for now I’m not,” Shor said.

“Sometimes Diana is just mystified and angered by feeling like maybe she’s left behind, and that’s definitely something as I get older that I can understand. [It’s] this sense of, I have something to offer the conversation too, just because it’s not in 140 characters or less, you know? Maybe it’s a little more complex, and I want to speak longer,” she continued.

For Bernard, playing the role of Lauren has impacted her life in a very real way. “I am a lot less wild than Lauren, but I don’t think I’m any less insatiable. The show has helped me become a braver young person in the world because of playing her, so now i relate to her more than I ever have. I am a bit more bold,” Bernard admitted.

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Younger returns Wednesday, June 28th at 10/9c to TV Land.

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