15 Leading TV Superheroes from Marvel and DC

15 Leading TV Superheroes from DC and Marvel

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Superheroes have survived the test of time because they change with society, fight for social issues, and battle crazy powerful villains. Well, that and… their superpowers tend to be frickin’ awesome!

Let’s be honest, the social commentary is amazing, but the fight scenes are also a huge reason why we keep coming back.

Superheroes represent who’d we like to be and give us a chance to believe in a world of selfless heroes who will always fight for us. Sometimes they are fighting mental illness, sometimes they are fighting the corrupt justice system, and other times they represent the capacity to be someone who is beyond societal limits and reaches for the stars to obtain their dreams.

No matter what is going on in the world, we know our favorite superheroes are fighting the good fight ,and spreading love and peace. This is why superheroes are important now and will still be important years from now.

Here are 15 superheroes from DC and Marvel TV who have gained their prominence by the social commentary they take on, their amazing superpowers, or their overall popularity with fans.

1. The Black Canary (Arrow)
tell-tale tv talks laurel lance top 15 superheroes
Laurel fights the League of Assassins

The Black Canary is one of the most iconic characters ever, not just because her sonic cry can shatter glass and eardrums, but because of the woman under the suit.

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Dinah Laurel Lance is just as much compassion and heart as she is fierce and deadly. Her strength in the face of any obstacle, such as mental illness and alcoholism, makes her an amazing addition to the social conversation we have about those conditions.

2. Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
Tell-tale talks jessica jones top 15 superheroes
Jessica Jones gets annoyed

Jessica Jones, with her dry wit and sharp intuition, is one scary superhero to have to contend with. Not only can she wipe the floor with her villains verbally, but she has the hands and the strength for anyone who tests her.

No, seriously. It wouldn’t be smart to irritate this woman. Her temper is as short as she is tall, and most of the time, her powers get the best of her.

3. Flash (The Flash)
tell-tale tv talks the flash top 15 superheroes
The Flash runs as fast as he can to save civilians

The Flash is equal parts goofy and sweet as he is dedicated.

Although he’s rarely the fastest man alive, as he always claims, he teaches his audience the importance of hard work and how equally important it is to train your brain and your body to stay on top of the bad guys. He has a habit of taking the weight of the world on his shoulders and represents the heart and the love of team Flash.

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4. Hawkgirl (Legends of Tomorrow)
Tell-tale talks Hawkgirl top 15 superheroes
Hawkgirl getting used to her wings

Hawkgirl represents a woman who had so much potential but she was in a comfortable place, so she hesitated to pick up the mantle. Well, that and there was a huge prophecy about her dying with her immortal love because Vandal Savage can’t take rejection and stuff.

Even though it took her a while to come around, she fit into her powers very well and knew how to take an enemy down whenever she needed.

5. Daredevil (Daredevil)
Tell-tale talks daredevil top 15 superheroes
Daredevil’s infamous hallway scene

Daredevil is a blind lawyer with super hearing and echolocation (wait for it) who is also a master of martial arts. He has a persistence and stubbornness that would put a donkey to shame, but it mostly just stresses out the people close to him.

He represents a man who doesn’t let his disability hold him back from helping others and being himself.

6. The Punisher (Daredevil)
tell-tale tv talks the punisher top 15 superheroes
The Punisher fights in jail

The Punisher’s name is pretty self-explanatory. He’s an anti-hero who has no problem giving the villains who do horrible things to others their just desserts.

He acts as the other side of justice to Daredevil’s more legal approach. This hero doesn’t have super-hearing or any superpowers, but the social commentary he brings regarding the limitations of the justice system is dead-on and out of this world.

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