DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2405" - The nine remaining celebrities will transform into some of the most magical Disney characters and celebrate the magnificence of "Disney Night," on "Dancing with the Stars," live, MONDAY, APRIL 17 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Disney Night (Season 24 Episode 5)

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It’s Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Episode 5! The couples are prepared to go all out in big productions and costumes to make the magic of Disney come alive in the ballroom.

Read on for the highlights of what happened!

Dancing with the Stars Disney Night

Rashad and Emma: After being on top last week, Rashad came to the ballroom with a Foxtrot to “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast. Rashad performed a beautiful dance that I thought was hard to tell he wasn’t a dancer.

The judges, however, gave him many criticisms of the timing and having too many “small movements” throughout. They did comment on how the music choice (out of control of the couple!) was difficult to keep up with but he did a good job. Rashad and Emma were told by Erin they were safe, which is a surprise to no one.

Score: 32/40

Nick and Peta: In a cruel twist, Nick and Peta found out they were in jeopardy right before they had to dance. The pressure was on when it came time to perform a jazz dance to “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio. The song choice made me picture the Beats commercial the whole time.

Nick was almost unrecognizable with a clean-shaven face for the first time in a year and a half and his best dance of the season. The dance was fun and looked slightly clumsy, but the Pinocchio angle allowed for that. The judges sad good things about the dance and gave Nick a couple 9’s! I’m shocked that Nick, who doesn’t seem to be on the same level as the other dancers, got 9’s.

Score: 34/40

Dancing with the Stars Disney Night Nick Viall and Peta

Erika and Gleb: There is no better week than Disney week for Gleb and Erika to get away from sex appeal themed dances. The performance was an elegant, stripped down dance with no props on the stage or other dancers. The judges had nothing but praise for the Viennese waltz to “Unforgettable” from Finding Dory.

Erika did find out she was in jeopardy earlier in the night, and although she did well this week it can’t change the votes from last week. Erika was unnecessarily joined by Disney characters to receive her scores and it was just distracting.

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Score: 32/40

Heather and Maks (Alan): This week Alan and Heather were given Frozen’s “For the First Time in Forever” to do a jazz routine to. There was a lot of acting and making the characters come to life rather than dancing. Heather is a strong dancer and she should have been given choreography to show off her skills!

Carrie Ann and Len expressed the same thoughts but the judges still praised Heather’s dance. Maks will be back to dancing next week and he announced it by being a jerk to Alan, saying “Alan is officially fired.” Heather did better with Alan than with Maks and I hope he will get a chance to be a pro next year.

Score: 34/40

Dancing with the Stars Disney Night Heather and Alan

Bonner and Sharna: Bonner has been through a lot with his bull-riding accident but it is been used for some pity votes. Bonner finally looked more natural, yet stiff, while he danced a tango to Wreck It Ralph’s “When Can I See You Again?”

Len enjoyed the amount of time the dance was in hold. I thought the dance did a good job combining fun props and the character with the dance elements needed for a tango. Bonner has improved but he can’t get to the same level as his competition of athletes and dancers.

Score: 30/40

Normani and Val: Another round of results revealed that Normani and Val were in jeopardy right before they had to dance. They added combat sticks to the choreography for a Paso Doble to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan.

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Normani definitely brought power to the dance and was helped by a great song and dance combination. The judges raved about the content of the dance and how she attacked the dance. The dance earned three  “Disney 10s” and they were well deserved!

Dancing with the Stars Disney Normani and Val

Score: 39/40

David and Lindsay: David’s package focused more on his baseball and family life than the dancing or Disney element. A jive to “Ride” from Cars 3 was David and Lindsay’s challenge for the week.

David got some deserved criticism on his flat-footedness but was praised for keeping up with the pros who danced around him. Ultimately, the jive is a tough dance to do well and the scores reflected that. David may not the best dancer but he makes up for it by being such a great personality to watch.

Score: 29/40

Nancy and Artem: Nancy was feeling the pressure in her pre-taped package before she did a jazz dance to “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted.

It was an energetic and fun dance helped by group dancers to make it feel straight out of Enchanted. The judges praised the dance and her score of straight 9’s reflected that. Erin added to the commentary with “You’re Nancy Kerrigan! Figure skating star!” while Nancy said it isn’t the same!

Score: 36/40

Simone and Sasha: Simone got to close out the night with a contemporary dance to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. The contemporary dance style allowed Simone to show off her skills as a gymnast by including multiple lifts and jumps throughout. Len loved the routine and the dancing which is high praise! The other judges enjoyed the energy and that it let her showcase her abilities. However, the high scoring dance didn’t quite put Simone on top of the leaderboard.

Score: 38/40

Dancing with the Stars Disney Sasha Simone gif

Results: The three couples named in jeopardy throughout the night were Normani & Val, Nick & Peta, and Erika & Gleb. Normani was named safe before announcing the couple leaving.

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Erika and Gleb were the couple sent home this week. Erika stuck with the line “I had a great time” for all the questions and Gleb told her how he enjoyed working with her.

Did the right person go home? What did you think of this episode of Dancing with the Stars? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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