Bates Motel Review: Visiting Hours (Season 5 Episode 9)

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Norman’s legal issues are becoming more complicated now that he’s taken hostage by Romero on Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 9, “Visiting Hours.”

The final show down is fast approaching with the series coming to an end next week, but on this episode of Bates Motel, many things happen, leaving you to question how the finale will turn out.

But first, let’s talk about Norman’s trial. Who knew the day would come when Norman is left to stand in front of the judge while all his murderous acts are explained right in front of him?

Norman is as calm as ever in this moment, which is not surprising considering that dear old Mother has taken over his persona. The fact that Mother takes over this entire episode is chilling to watch because now you can see how she’s really affecting him.

Norman’s situation is unfortunate, but I feel bad for the kid, you know?

All of this mess and all of this heinous acts he’s brought himself to isn’t something the real Norman would do. He needs help and the fact that he might be getting the death penalty for this felt too harsh for me.

The boy is sick; he’s mentally sick. He needs to be put in a maximum security mental asylum, not on the death row. I know some may wish that given his actions, but it would be disappointing to know that he would be getting the death penalty.

While Norman’s situation becomes more to handle, it also becomes hard to deal with for Dylan because he’s stuck in a rut.

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He’s stuck in the position to either help out his brother, or be there for Emma, as she learns the disheartening news that it was Norman that killed her mother. Poor Emma.

Dylan ends up in this crossfire, which is unfortunate because all he wants to do is help. But now, his idea of helping is causing a major drift between him and Emma, and I’m worried they won’t be able to recover from this.

This would suck because I’ve shipped Dylan and Emma together from the start. I just hope they can get through this all. He needs her.

As Emma makes her visit to White Pine Bay, it feels like the reason why she comes back is for some type of closure. Emma deserves to be happy, even though she knew her relationship with her mother was bad from the start. She has every right to be angry and hurt by Norman’s actions.

But the shocking part for me, in this penultimate episode, is the twist we didn’t see coming — Emma going to visit Norman.

That scene is heartbreaking to watch because, then and there, Emma could see with her own eyes that it isn’t Norman that she is speaking to. It isn’t the Norman that she knew and cared for as a friend this whole time.

However, it is like she is making peace with her reality and saying goodbye for good to Norman Bates.

Bates Motel — “Visiting Hours” — Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC — © 2017 A&E Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“Visiting Hours” delivers a great episode that attempts to wrap up all the mayhem that’s going on with Norman’s fate and Dylan and Emma’s relationship. However, it leaves just one thing frustrating to watch.

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And that my friends, is Romero’s decision to hold Norman in captivity as I mentioned earlier.

Romero’s fantasy in putting a bullet into Norman’s head was pretty much all that kept him going in prison, but my theory is that he is not going to kill him in the end.

I mean, he did this unexpected thing and killed Chick back on Season 5 Episode 8.

You see that ounce of mercy in Romero when he stops choking Norman and forces him to show him where Norma’s body is at instead.

But something tells me that things will not go well for Romero at this point. Also, how the heck is it that easy for Romero to capture Norman like that? Feels a bit tacky for me, but then again, Romero knows the ins and outs of the sheriff’s station.

However, I think Romero is going to be in for a surprise when he actually has a conversation with Norman because Norma is still taking over Norman’s persona.

I am both nervous and worried for the series finale next week. Something tells me someone else is going to die in the finale.

Other thoughts:

  • I am totally over Sheriff Greene.
  • Emma knew that Dylan hired a lawyer for Norman, but she seems taken aback when the lawyer asks Dylan to come and support Norman at his hearing by sitting in the crowd. I’m sad that these two are put in this situation.
  • Romero could have end all of this, take on a new identity and give himself the closure that he needs. But no, it has to go down his way, and it’s not going to be pleasant.
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The final episode of Bates Motel airs next Monday at 10/9c on A&E.

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  • “Norman is left to stand in front of the judge while all his murderous acts are explained right in front of him?”……uh, no. Not true. All of his murderous acts?? Have you forgotten about him murdering Blair Watson? And murdering Bradley Martin? Not to mention the role he played Caleb’s death (technically not Norman’s fault but he had a hand in it). And most of all, murdering his own mother Norma Bates!! We won’t even mention how he killed his father way back in the beginning. No, he has much more to account for technically than just the 3 he’s being held on currently!!

    • Ooops, you’re right. I don’t know why I forgot about Blair and Bradley. My bad. Guess I should have said the murderous acts he’s committed recently.

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