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The Originals Review: Gather Up the Killers (Season 4 Episode 1)

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Right off the bat, The Originals Season 4 Episode 1 feels like a throwback to the past. “Gather Up the Killers” has the vibrancy, life, and peace we experienced on the first episode of The Originals, when Marcel still controlled New Orleans.

The major difference between that reign and this one, is Marcel’s connection with the witches via Vincent Griffith. The peace the vampires and the witches have is only kept alive by the ferocity of their leaders and the respect they hold for each other because of two special women.

Despite Cami and Davina being gone, they still hold a special place in each of these mens hearts. For them, they will try harder, listen better, and fight longer to keep the peace in their home.

Of course, there’s a storm coming for all of them. And I’m not talking about the Mikaelson’s inevitable return. I’m talking about the ones that are not happy with this peace, cannot forget the past, and want to seek power as a means of spitting in Klaus Mikaelson’s face.

The subduing of Alistair and his Euro-trash vampires is a master class in using fear and love to keep the people around them in line. For many it will squash any ideas of rebellion and for others it will only strengthen their need to take the Mikaelson stronghold for themselves.

Time and a united community is the only way that this city will survive the never-ending threats they experience on a weekly basis.

Now on to my queen Hayley.

Her resilience, need to keep her word to her daughter, love for Elijah, and fear for Hope, kept her fighting for years. No one could’ve done what she did or have done it any better.

Here’s hoping the executive producers give us a couple flashbacks to better understand what she went through all those years, running for her life, her daughter, and the Mikaelsons in tow.

It must’ve been lonely, it must’ve been hard, and we wouldn’t be surprised if her resolve to keep going faltered a bit along the way. Flashbacks will add to the narrative of this strong and indestructible woman and only make us love her more.

The Haylijah (Hayley & Elijah) reunion that happens on this episode is intimate and charged with copious amounts of love, relief, and joy.

Their greatest strength is that they don’t need words to speak with or understand each other. The mere presence of the other is enough to calm all their fears and bring them a sense of peace they haven’t felt in years.

Hayley and Elijah’s simple exchange in the firelight of their defeated foes, is a declaration of how they feel. Time has only strengthened their love for each other and they are ready to pick up where they left off 5 years ago.

As for what comes next, there will be death, pain, and sorrow. And to no one’s surprise, if you’ve been watching this show for the last three years, there will be forgiveness.

Vampires aren’t like you and I. They live longer and experience time in a completely different fashion. For this family, time does heal all wounds for them because that is all they have.

If time doesn’t heal the wounds Marcel or the Mikaelsons carry, love will. Marcel’s love for Rebecca has always led him down unexpected paths. And the Mikaelson’s love for Hope will force them to set their anger aside to protect her from whatever is stealing children from New Orleans.

Love is what’s going to bring this unconventional family back together.

Additional Thoughts:
  • Never trust people with slicked back hair in New Orleans. The woman helping Marcel is in a key position for betrayal and she has slicked back hair! Double whammy right there.
  • Euro-trash vampires is either the worst name for visiting vampires or the best.
  • When magical children draw creepy pictures and have vivid nightmares, tell the parents immediately!
  • How does Hope have red hair? Did Hayley dye it to throw people off? Is red hair a recessive gene? Imagine Klaus as a redhead.
  • Keelin, the new werewolf Hayley kidnapped, is Christina Marie Moses from Containment. While I miss Containment, I love that Julie Plec keeps it in the family.

What did you think of this episode of The Originals? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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