The 100: 8 Most Emotional Moments from “We Will Rise” (Season 4 Episode 6)

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Though The 100 Season 4 Episode 6, “We Will Rise,” is mostly a filler episode, it’s still full of several heart wrenching character moments that rocked us to our core.

Here are the eight most emotional moments from “We Will Rise.”

8. Bellamy has something to say to Clarke

These two have been such a good team in Season 4 and they’ve been repairing their relationship over the past several episodes. It’s so good to see them working together again. Bellamy and Clarke obviously care for each other. She gives him the positive reassurance that he needs, and he helps her keep fighting.

Bellamy: Clarke, if I don’t see you again…

Clarke: No. You will.

7. Monty brings up Wells

It’s always satisfying when the characters have object permanence and bring us back to things all the way back in Season 1. Monty cuts right to the center of Jaha and uses Wells as a motivator to get him to move to action and prevent his people from killing Ilian as a mob.

It doesn’t do the trick immediately, but it definitely hits home, for both Jaha and the audience.

Monty: With all due respect, your son would be ashamed of you.

6. Raven finds a solution with Murphy and Luna

Raven’s quest to find the solution to landing the rocket without running out of fuel is nearly unraveling her. She’s stuck in a loop of failed simulations. But Murphy and Luna both think in entirely different ways from her, and from each other.  It takes each of them to figure out a different piece of the solution.

Even though it becomes worthless later when Clarke tells them they’re short even more fuel, the elation at their unity and success is real.

5. Octavia hasn’t forgiven Bellamy

I was desperate for an emotional reunion between the Blake siblings, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. It’s understandable that Octavia still carries the pain of Lincoln’s death with her. It’s been months for the audience, but for her it’s still only been a couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, it hurts to see her still so deeply angry at Bellamy. I want to see Octavia start to process her grief in a healthy way. This emptiness inside her is equal parts devastating and terrifying.

Bellamy: Octavia, I thought you were dead.

Octavia: Octavia is dead. She died when you killed Lincoln.

Part of the blood on Bellamy’s hands may belong to Lincoln, but he didn’t pull the trigger. We need these two to move forward again, not spiral down in this stalemate.

4. Raven attacks Murphy, Luna intervenes

Raven carries around quite an understandable grudge against Murphy, since he’s the reason she’s got a bum leg. When the stress of repeated failed simulations and pain from the problems in her brain drive her to the edge, she blows up at him.

Thankfully, literal queen of zen, Luna intervenes and calms Raven down with her gentle ocean mindfulness. Raven and Murphy both have so much darkness inside them, and Luna knows that darkness well. Hopefully, she’ll be able to help both of them heal.

3. Niylah brings up Lexa, Clarke asks her to stay

Losing Lexa left a huge hole in Clarke’s heart. And thanks to the impending apocalypse she’s barely had more than a few moments to mourn her lost love. Niylah is someone who both cares for Clarke and holds a deep respect for Lexa. Which makes her a perfect person to help Clarke heal.

Niylah: She lives on through you.

Clarke and Niylah’s relationship may or may not ever extend past friends with benefits, but Clarke clearly cares for her. She knows what’s coming and asks Niylah to stay at Arkadia so that she’s within the first groups of people to receive the nightblood treatment. There’s so much potential in this soft, supportive relationship; I can’t wait to see what happens next between these two.

2. Clarke and Kane discuss Abby

Kane and Abby’s relationship has developed beautifully over the course of The 100’s 4 Seasons, but they’ve been apart nearly as long as long as their relationship has been canon. With Arkadia in shambles and Abby’s nightblood mission now including space travel in a 100 year old rocket, Kane is desperate to be at her side.

Kane and Clarke make an amazing leadership duo, but it’s really satisfying to see them share this deeply emotional moment. The emotional struggle between their mutual love for Abby and the necessity to do what’s best for their people is nothing short of heart wrenching.

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Also, how pure was that hug? Clarke needs to be hugged more often.  

1. Kane talks Octavia down

In a devastating call back to Season 3 Episode 9, “Stealing Fire” Octavia reaches a breaking point in her grief. She puts Ilian on the ground with a gun to his head, much like Pike did with Lincoln. Kane takes her back to that day, gently talking her down from the edge.

I’m certain Octavia hasn’t stopped thinking about that moment since it happened, but she also probably hasn’t come quite so face to face with it. Henry Ian Cusick and Marie Avgeropoulos play their hearts out in this scene and it shows. Kane’s concern for Octavia, and her complete breakdown easily take our top spot this week.

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