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Scandal Season 6 Episode 6, “Extinction,” fills in another piece of the puzzle as it reveals what Eli Pope was up to during the campaign and on election night.

This back and forth style of storytelling makes the whole season feel stuck at the starting line. We haven’t moved very far past the first episode in the season, the last several episodes have taken us to various characters and their role in the election and subsequent assassination.

SCANDAL - "Extinction" - Rowan is caught by surprise when someone from his past resurfaces, and Olivia has to make a life-changing decision about the campaign. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal exactly what happened the night of Francisco Vargas' assassination, on "Scandal," airing THURSDAY, MARCH 16 (9:01-10:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)
SCANDAL – “Extinction” – (ABC/Eric McCandless)

“Extinction” takes us on a journey with Olivia’s father, even going as far to give him a romance, all while telling us very little about the people controlling him.

This episode only really gets exciting in the last ten minutes where we see Eli actually struggle to follow through with shooting Frankie Vargas.

Rarely, if ever, has he shown any remorse or hesitation in any of his dastardly acts but when it comes down to the wire, the great Command nearly can’t pull the trigger. But he does, of course, and their plan goes off nearly without a hitch.

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Season 6 Episode 6, does what “They All Bow Down” did last week, in that it takes us on a deep dive into a relationship we’ve had little or no reason to care about before now.

And while Eli and Sandra’s relationship is far more compelling than Jake and Vanessa, anyone who’s been watching Scandal for six seasons could tell you that she wouldn’t survive the episode from the moment it was first hinted at that she and Eli were in love.

Bringing on characters like this is shocking for a moment, but it’s not compelling or engaging. The only purpose “Extinction” serves is to humanize Eli — just a little. I mean, he does kill the woman he loves, and reinforces that the only person he truly cares about is Olivia.

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Eli, or Rowan, or whatever he’s going with these days, he cares about nothing and no one except for Olivia.

And whoever is controlling him knows that and they are using it to get whatever they want, and right now they want Mellie in the White House.

Other Thoughts:

  • Remember when Olivia was in Scandal for more than 10 minutes? Can we go back to that?
  • Every episode of Scandal should include dinosaurs.
  • Rest in peace Sandra, you deserved better.
  • Who are these people controlling Papa Pope? Are they Russians? Are they a secret illuminati style society of terrifying assholes? Place your bets in the comments below.

What did you think of this episode of Scandal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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