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NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Getaway (Season 8 Episode 18)

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That was a long time coming.

NCIS: LA Season 8 Episode 18 “Getaway” gives us our first tangible proof of romance between Nell and Eric, takes Hetty back to Yoda and proves that any type of show, with good enough writing, can tackle complicated subjects.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not as emotionally invested in the Nell and Eric (Neric) pairing as I’ve been in Kensi and Deek’s (Densi) love life, but it’s still refreshing to see the show put a stop to a flirtation that has taken so long that, at this point, I was starting to think they were just having a secret liaison. Nothing else made sense.

That’s how long it’s been. Kensi and Deeks took close to six seasons, and that felt like forever. Eric and Nell were reaching Mulder and Scully territory, and that’s never said as a compliment.

Hey, if I were Deeks, I would have taken pictures of the kiss too. I bet someone won something in the office pool.

Now that I think about it – I bet someone won something of off Callen, too.

Romance is alive and well these days on the OSP offices, and yet Densi and Neric’s roads seem to be smoother than Callen and Anna’s.

(Is there a ship name for this?)

This is, of course, because Callen is, arguably, a more damaged, complicated man. Most characters on this show have tragic backgrounds, Callen doesn’t have the monopoly on that, but he does have the monopoly in the dealing with issues by basically not dealing with them thing.

He’s, after all, compartmentalized his life very well up to this point, and he’s always, always put his love life last in any list of priorities. But no one can stay static for long, and after eight long years, there are finally, as Hetty pointed out, cracks in Callen’s armor.

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And there’s light pouring out.

Can we thank Joelle for that? Well, she was certainly a step; though the more we learn about her the less I’m inclined to think she was a step in the right direction. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re not done with this storyline and if – when – Sabatino shows up we’ll probably find out she knew much more than she was letting on.

But for now, her purpose on this show is different. She’s here to open Callen’s eyes, to push him towards seeing beyond his team.

After all, life continues to move around Callen. Eric and Nell are now, presumably, in a relationship. Kensi and Deeks are serious. Sam has Michelle. And yes, Callen has all of them, he always will, but he deserves something of his own.

Maybe this is what Hetty hoped when she first recruited these people. Maybe she hoped for a capable, well balanced team of relatively happy people.

We just didn’t think they’d ever get there.

And guess what – that doesn’t mean the story is over, no. There’s still plenty to be told.

Imagine that.

Other things to note:

  • Part of the charm of Kensi and Deeks is how utterly comfortable the actors are with each other, physically and emotionally. They nail the deep scenes, and they nail the light ones and it never feels like it’s an act.
  • It must be really distracting, being on coms. Everyone is always on your ear, at all times.
  • Not at all subtle, Sam. You could be a good relationship counselor.
  • The women of NCIS: LA never need their male partners to save them. They kick ass and take names.
  • I know we’re gonna have to wait for the whole thing with Whiting to be resolved before we can get the Densi moment we’ve been waiting for – but come on. I’m getting old here. Deeks’ ring is getting old.
  • I bet Eric and/or Nell hacked into Deek’s phone for those pictures.
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