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The Mick Season 1 Episode 3, “The Buffer” seems to show what we can expect from this series from here on out and that is a very good thing.

In this episode, Mickey and her crew are all functioning as one highly dysfunctional family and taking on the topic of birth control. It’s refreshing to see a network comedy deftly tackle a serious topic in a ridiculous way that still gets its message across.

Sabrina is having sex with her incredibly hot older boyfriend, Kai, and Mickey – who thinks she’s going to be totally cool about it – is aghast when she discovers that the pair isn’t using any form of birth control.

The impressive thing is that this show doesn’t just bring up the idea of using condoms and move on with it. Mickey encourages her niece to use the birth control pill – which she calls a “modern miracle.”

She also brings home an entire bag of goodies from the free clinic, including an IUD and a vaginal ring.  It’s hard to think of an example of a show – let alone a network show – that allows a character to demonstrate how to use a vaginal ring.

It’s also hard to think of another show that makes preventing pregnancy as funny as The Mick does.

Mickey is full of good intentions, but her methods are questionable at best. She thinks that it’s effective for her niece to take a bunch of birth control pills she keeps in a baggie in her purse until she can get her own prescription (not advisable).  She also offers to shove an IUD up her niece’s hoo-ha. (You need a doctor for that).

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She makes herself a human condom by acting as a cock-block and ultimately decides the best plan is to bang Kai’s “beautiful brains out” in order to break up the pair.

All of her plans fail – including her final scheme to trick Sabrina into thinking she’s pregnant. On most other shows that would’ve worked.  But on The Mick, it only drives the pair together.

“The Buffer” also gives viewers the first glimpse of Jimmy’s role in the family.  Up until now, he’s just been Mickey’s chauffeur and loan shark decoy. Now, he’s taking on the “dad” role. He’s oddly protective of the kids and gives Chip some really decent dating advice (in addition to some really terrible advice).

The most consistent flaw in this show is that the writers don’t seem to know what to do with Ben, the youngest child.  It’s obvious where his plotline is going from the minute Mickey tells him that the pill is “magic” and gives you the freedom to be “anything in the whole world.”

Once he starts on the emotional rollercoaster ride that taking female hormones can cause, the kid seriously plays to the back row and needs to take it down a notch.

Other Thoughts:

  • “Your sister is getting fuuuuu…furniture delivered”
  • Alba breastfed all three of the kids…Her poor nipples!
  • This is Kai.  You’re Welcome
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What did you think of this episode of The Mick?  Would anyone else have preferred to see Alba carry out the “despicable act”? Was anyone surprised that Jimmy knows the age of consent in each state?

Who do you think gives better advice – Mickey or Jimmy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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