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The McCall Pack will do whatever it takes to get back Stiles. Even if it means accepting Theo’s help, trying to catch a Ghost Rider, and having their sanity come into question on Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7 “Heartless”.

Admittedly, the idea to capture a Ghost Rider is stupid.

Catching a foe of this magnitude is not for the faint hearted. Lucky for Scott McCall, he has a whole team of baby supernatural’s ready to take risks he didn’t even think about while Team A (Scott, Lydia & Malia) plot a way to get Stiles back.

This is where Scott proves how much he’s grown and how great of a leader he is.

Instead of brushing away Team B’s (Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Cory) idea, he takes it into consideration. He strengthens the bond that they have with him by guiding and nurturing them so they don’t go off half-cocked and do it themselves.

In doing so, he also stumbles into this strange relationship with Theo, the mastermind behind the turmoil he felt last season, and the crazy idea they’re about to attempt to pull off now. All of a sudden Scott and Theo are on the same side, fighting the same bad guy, and doing something that their history dictates should never happen.

What’s crazy and almost unfathomable, is that with enough time and effort on Theo’s part, Scott will forgive him and not sentence him to an eternity in hell. Scott doesn’t hold grudges like we viewers do.

He sees the look in Theo’s eyes when they mention throwing him back where he came from, when he helps trap the Ghost Rider, and in the aftermath when it’s dead. There’s fear and pain in Theo, and Scott will not stand for anyone’s suffering.

Back over at the Stilinski’s, where events aren’t quite as action packed but still dramatic and full of feels, Noah finally begins to piece together and believe that he has a son.

He’s had people buzzing around him, telling him that Stiles is real, but he has to discover this himself. Being a detective doesn’t hurt either. He knows things haven’t been adding up and the hidden room is the last straw.

Catching the jersey that Lydia throws, only occurs because he has a spark of hope and dread that Lydia is right. There’s been something wrong with him for weeks, a void that he can not fill despite having his wife.

That void is Stiles.

Sheriff Stilinski has made a choice to rediscover every last bit of the son he’s lost, thanks to Lydia’s commitment to Stiles. A harder choice is still on the horizon for him.

Claudia exists because Stiles is gone. Will he be able to turn away from his wife for someone he doesn’t remember, but knows is part of his life? Will he forsake one for the other or try to save them both?

In true Teen Wolf fashion, the outcome of all of this will be surprising and shocking.

For all we know, maybe Claudia doesn’t turn crazy like the boy from “Ghosted”? Maybe she’s felt a void as well, that she hasn’t been able to explain? Maybe she will join her husband in finding Stiles and make the ultimate sacrifice for him?

Either way, it’s going to continue being a powerful and emotional journey, full of feels.

We can’t wait.

Additional Notes:
  • Theo’s nightmare is horrifying and well deserved. His subconscious isn’t letting him forget the pain he’s caused a loved one. He’s facing what he can’t admit in his waking moments.
  • Malia is BAMF. Love and adore the strength this woman carries with her. She continues to grow without forgetting how she got here.
  • Peter sacrificing himself for Malia shows that deep, deep, deep inside he can be a caring person. Malia is his blood and he’s definitely got a lot of things to apologize for. Maybe this is a start.
  • Don’t knock Lydia sniffing Stiles jersey, until you try it yourself. Loved ones have a specific smell to them that we recognize, whether it’s a perfume or their natural musk. For weeks she’s been chasing this elusive person that everyone keeps telling her isn’t real. This jersey is the one thing, besides the Jeep, that she can hold close. Just a whiff of that jersey feels like a cascade of memories and confirmation that what she has been searching for is real. Stiles is real.

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